The Forrest and Harold Wallet Review

Forrest and Harold are a brand that develops a small range of leather wallets. Their mission is to produce wallets that redefine the way men carry their wallets. I’m not going to beat around the bush with the Forrest and Harold range of wallets. I’ve come across these wallet designs before from other manufacturers. This makes me think these wallets are Copycat or Knock-off wallets, bought from wholesale sites and sold for profit. My best proof for this is a near-identical wallet from Alibaba (a Chinese Wholesale site) which you can view here. The similarity between it and their Money Clip wallet is uncanny. 

That being said, I’m going to review the Forrest & Harold Wallet impartially without considering this – specifically the Forrest & Harold Money Clip probably their most popular wallet in the range. Just like most reviews on this site, we’ll be looking at the key metrics of design, material, functionality, and value (price). 


Look & Design

The Forrest & Harold Boasts a pretty good size to capacity ratio. Coming in at 4.25″ x 2.75″ the wallet isn’t small enough to be considered minimalist (it can still feel quite bulky in the pocket) but not too large to start being cause issues like back pain. The leather is said to be a top-grain leather which is medium quality leather. That being said, on inspection, I personally didn’t like the leather. It feels very solid and rough to the touch along with a cheap-looking glossy and overly smooth finish very resemblance to faux leather wallets I’ve used in the past. 

Nevertheless, the craftsmanship of the Forrest & Harold Wallet is quite nice. The wallet I received had great built quality, good stitching, and a very uniform look. After using the wallet for a little under 4 weeks I found it held up nicely even when delivery trying to cause strain, wear and tear on the wallet. I feel with proper care this wallet would last a decent amount of time, and for its price this is good. 

Finally, the Forrest & Harold Wallet has a striking resemblance to the following other wallets we’ve reviewed in the past from a look, design, and layout perspective. Please check these other wallets out for yourself. 

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Functionality & Utility 

Overall the functionality of the Forrest & Harold Wallet is very good. With it being a standard bi-fold it’s quite hard to ‘get wrong’ so to speak and depending on your needs for cash and card storage. The wallet can store around 6 – 10 cards easily with the money clip holding anywhere between 1 – 15 bills easily (although this has its issues). I found the card slots to be very tight on first inspection – more so than other wallets. This is good and bad. On one hand, it means cards are nice and secure and won’t accidentally fall out. On the other, it makes for a more difficult and painful experience trying to tightly grab and the cards out of the wallet. This is especially true if you try and store 2 cards in each slot. 

The biggest issue is the money clip. Because the clip is detachable and can be pulled away from the leather of the wallet it seems people are complaining the clip is very loose and can fall out naturally with very little force. Whether you shake the wallet or pull it out of your pocket this seems to be enough force to cause the clip to detach and money to fly everywhere. A great example is given with the YouTube video below that shows the exact issue in practice.

Reviews & Community

I’m also very skeptical of the reviews given on the official Forrest & Harold website. As someone who comes from a background of eCommerce, it’s quite straightforward to identify potential fake reviews, and although I can’t say for sure, it looks very likely some sort of review manipulation is happening on the Forrest & Harold website. A website with over 2577 4 or 5-star reviews and not a single rating below is cause for skepticism. It seems the review software they use, Yotpo, allows for unpublishing reviews from any site. 

It’s clear any bad reviews Forrest & Harold receive are immediately hidden away creating a false representation of how good their wallets are. A shady tactic that I feel shouldn’t be a feature of any software to deliberately mislead people. This sentiment is echoed by others who have bought, used, and not enjoyed the Forrest and Harold Wallet. Like myself and others on Amazon and YouTube where reviews can’t be deleted negative reviews are not uncommon.  


Final Verdict

Overall I have mixed opinions regarding the Forrest & Harrold Money Clip Wallet. On one hand, I can’t really get past their wallet’s uncanny similarities to mass-produced wallets that can be bought at a fraction of the cost of this one (less than $5.00 in some cases compared to this wallet at $39.90). The wallet definitely excels in some areas (craftsmanship and customization) but does fall short in many others (poor money clip and leather quality), leaving a very satisfactory wallet. 

The nail in the coffin for me is the blatant reviews that don’t paint an honest picture of how good the wallet is. After all, I myself would never rate this wallet above a 3-star rating. Am I really the only one who doesn’t like this wallet? The folks at Forrest & Harold would like you to think so. For more information on the Forrest & Harold wallet check out their Amazon product page using the link below. 


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