The Zenlet Cache Wallet Review

Streamline Your everyday Carry

The Zenlet Cache is an innovative hybrid wallet that acts to combine your phone and wallet together in one easy-to-use, slimline item. The idea is simple, create a small compact cardholder-style wallet, create an attachment system on the back, and stick it to your phone. Zenlet is most famous for its Zenlet range of wallets that found success through Kickstarter. Along with being able to fit on any smartphone device (excluding a few), the Zenlet Cache is perfectly sized to fit on the Zenlet 2 wallet (full review here). 

The thing I like most about Zenlet is its designs. They do a really good job of creating an aesthetic that is attuned to the likes of Apple with a clean, minimalist approach, matte color palette, and an ethos of form over function. The Zenlet Cache is not exempt from this rule. With an ultra-thin design (coming in at just 98 L x 61.5 W x 3mm), and with only one card slot (for a maximum of 2 cards storage), the Cache Wallet is more about usability in having a nice place to store your most-used credit/debit cards – it’s not designed to replace your wallet but to accommodate your everyday carry further.   

Overall, considering the price, material and overall design I think the Zenlet Cache is a great choice for someone looking for a utility wallet for quick access to frequently used cards. At only $21.00 I think the Cache is highly affordable and well priced for what you get. For more information on the Zenlet Cache, and Zenlet’s full range of wallets, check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 55% 55%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 74% 74%



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