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The Best Yellow Wallets 2020

Sometimes we have something in mind when we’re looking for something new. We can picture it perfectly in our head but no matter how hard we try we can’t seem to find this visualization of what we want. Colors can also be a big factor in this. Sometimes you just want a wallet that fits your individual style. 

This is where an article like this might come in handy. I’m going to give you my best advice on all the best wallets that just happen to come in the color yellow. Yellow is a unique color and when you think of a wallet the color yellow usually doesn’t come to mind. Wallets usually come in the typical brown or black so finding a wallet with unique quality such as this – that’s also a good wallet – is difficult.

Below you’ll find my list of the top yellow wallets on the market. Why I like them and why they stand out from the crowd compared to others. The list below is in no particular order and varies in prices.  

Cafe Supply Leather

I’ve always been a big fan of high-quality leather wallets. Wallets made from over the finest full-grain leather created by master craftsmen. Case supply leather is a prime example of this and develops a range of some of the most premium wallets on the market at affordable prices. 

The wallets they develop are also highly innovative in terms of implementing modern-day features along with a unique range of color options and variations. If of course talking about their ultra-slim yellow wallet. Dubbed as a mustard color this wallet looks incredible with the full-grain leather combined with the brightness of the yellow really makes the wallet pop in a unique and distinctive way. 

The slim wallet is fairly simple but effective in its design. The wallet is a classic bi-fold design with capacity for 4-6 cards and a long banknote slot at the back for cash. It’s smaller design makes it a perfect hybrid between size and functionality so it’s great for people looking to streamline their daily carry. For more information on the cafe, leather wallet checks out our full review here or visit their official website with the link below. 

Double 00 Miami Wallet

The Double 00 wallet is one of my favorite wallets in recent years as it combined an innovative approach to storing cash while keeping the wallet at a smaller size. 

This is achieved with a ‘fold-out’ wallet design that allows bills to lie flat in an easy to access manner. The wallet also has a great store for up to 4-5 credit/debit cards and a quick access slot on the back for your most-used cards. The wallet does come in a huge variety of color options but my focus is on the Miami a Stark vibrant yellow color that almost seems like it could glow under the dark. 

Coming in at a price tag of $75.00 the wallet is not cheap but does a great job of creating large storage capability at a medium level price. For more information on the Double 00 wallet check out our full review here or visit their website with the link below. 

The Trove Wallet

The trove wallet is where we really get into the ultra-minimalist territory. The wallet is made from a combination of leather and elastic and has a range of innovative features including a reversible wallet design and quick access slot. 

The wallet comes in a variety of designs along with a great website that allows you to visually create your own wallet changing Its colors to whatever you desire. This is obviously a great option for people looking for an all-yellow color as they can change the design of the wallet to suit their own individual style. 

The wallet comes in at a price tag of £38.00 (around $45.00) that is very fair for a wallet of this quality. For more information check out our full review of the Trove wallet or check out their official website below. 

Elvis & Kresse Wallet

The most unusual wallet on this list, the Elvis and Kresse wallet is actually made from a recycled firehose. Once the material is decommissioned these guys take the Hardy and distinct material and transform it into an upcycled wallet with charm and environment focus. 

Although you’d most likely associate fire the color red many firehouses were made in the color yellow. Although much rather (which increases the piece) this yellow firehouse looks the part with distinct textures and unique patina that can only be naturally formed from a material used in a highly volatile job.

As you’d expect from a recycled wallet such as the Elvis and Kresse the wallet isn’t cheap coming in at a price tag of £80.00 (around $92.00). I’d say this is worth it if you’re looking for a truly unique yellow wallet and I can’t fault the design and functionality at all. For more information check out our full breakdown of this wallet or click the link below to visit their official website. 

Antonioli Zipper Wallet

The most pricy wallet on this list the Antonioli wallet has a unique design for people looking for a wallet with a zipper that allows the storage of coins. The design is very aesthetically pleasing in a bright fluorescent yellow color with varying accents in pink and orange. 

The wallet has great capacity and security ( as you’d expect from a zip wallet) and is made from full-grain leather giving it a high quality and robust feel. Along with this, the size is very compact 

The main issue with this wallet is the price. Coming in at $194.00 the Antonioli wallet is the most expensive on this list and doesn’t shy away from this fact. The brand is considered premium and although you get a very high-quality product I wouldn’t say it’s a big enough difference to warrant the price compared to other wallets, the unique design more than makes up for this for the right person. For more information on the Antonioli wallet check out their website with the link below. 


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