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The Stitch & Locke Slide Wallet Review

For wallet users, you rarely see anyone opting to go for bulky wallets. Bulky wallets are a thing of the past, and you need to get on board if you haven’t. The bulky wallets take too many spaces in your pocket and ultimately weigh you down while offering zero styles. The Stitch and Locke Slide Wallet from Kickstarter had this in mind as they looked to solve this problem by helping to lose the bulk.

I have always been a fan of minimalist wallets, but the Slide wallet comes with a classic look that I don’t often find in minimalist wallets. The design makes it a perfect fit into my front pocket and my back pocket. The materials used to make the slide wallet are unconventional but distinctive and help it stand out. The cork and denim materials are sturdy while offering style at its best. Here’s what I found out when I got myself the Stitch and Locke Slide Wallet. 

The renewable cork exterior holds your most frequently used cards while the wool interior pocket protects and stores the rest. The slim design disappears into any front pocket and for the traditionalist, allows for comfortable back pocket carry. The innovative corner notch allows you to easily slide out lesser-used cards whenever you want them’.

Lock & Design

The most distinctive feature that I noticed when I saw the Slide wallet for the first time are the materials used to build the wallet. It’s not usual to find a wallet made from denim and cork materials. The denim pocket on the interior makes up the core of the wallet. The denim is thin but is quite sturdy enough to hold your cards. 

The exterior is a thin layer of cork, looped from one end of the wallet to the other in a single piece. The single-piece cork which is wrapped around allows the stitching to be on one side of the wallet. I would have preferred to have the outer edges sealed as its open can sometimes result in cards slipping out from the interior. The Slide wallet manages to portray a stylish vibe while not being flashy.

Functionality & Utility 

The Slide wallet toed the line of the average minimalist wallet in functionality while adding little variations.

One feature I like in this wallet is the shorter outer pocket between the denim and the cork. It gives room for easy access to frequently used cards. Although the cards and visibly exposed and you need to be extra careful when pulling out your wallet as you can sometimes pull out cards instead of the whole wallet. This shows how easily accessible the cards are. The inner space which is the denim is not as accessible as the outer pocket. You can keep cash in there like I do, but you have to fold into thirds, which makes the wallet a bit thicker. Also, to store cash can become a bit of a hassle sometimes. 

Final Verdict

The Slide is a simple minimalist wallet and performs well in that regard. Helps store cards and you can easily access them. If you carry more cash around, it can become a bit of hassle, but it will still serve you. As a minimalist wallet for cards, it is a winner. It comes at $38. 

For more information on the Stitch & Locke Slide wallet please visit their website by clicking here.


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