The Din Wallet Review

A Minimalist Wooden Wallet

The Din Wallet is a minimalist sized wooden wallet. Its focus is one elegance in style and design with a minimalist size and creative use of material. If you’re a fan of the aesthetics wood provides due to its unique texture, and natural look then the Din Wallet might be for you. They also provide a range of different wood options too, including many different dark or light woods including oak, walnut, Wengue, and Sucupira. As you’d expect the wood itself is very durable, yet has a lightweight feel to it. The Din Wallet also comes in a range of different designs (patterns etched onto the surface of the wood) that add some individuality to your wallet. 

Like many wallets of this size, the functionality of the Din is compromised due to its smaller size. Its design is based on a ‘stacking’ mechanism where two wooden plates hold your credit/debit cards together with a provided rubber band that fits around the Din Wallet. This provides a card capacity between 1 – 8 cards, while physical cash (banknotes) can be stored folded underneath the same rubber band. Ease of access is ample but can be a little clumsy. This is to be expected and is common among these types of wallets. 

The Din Wallet comes in at a price tag of $40.00 (£35.00) which is very affordable and one of the cheaper wood wallets on the market. That being said, you pay for what you get, and many other wooden wallets do provide more functionality and better overall quality. All in all, the Din Wallet is a fine wallet where its main selling point is down to its unique wooden design and range of attractive engravings (wood isn’t a common material used in wallets). For more information on the Din Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 79% 79%
  • Price 70% 70%



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