Lucca Bozzi Wallet Review

What Happened to Lucca Bozzi?

The Lucca Bozzi Wallet is an early example of a smart wallet first being funded on Kickstarter back in 2016 having raised around $170.000. It was a bold and innovative design taking the concept of a wallet infused with technology one step further than most with an integrated solar charging capability. Along with this the Lucca Bozzi wallet also had a very modern, sleek, and attractive design with a thin profile and use of high-quality leather. 

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The Solar Charging Wallet

On paper, the Lucca Bozzi is a fantastic idea and expanded on the already booming smart wallet craze that implemented GPS Tracking in many wallets. With an attractive design and features, people wanted to experience thanks to the increasing versatility of smartphones it’s no wonder Lucca Bozzi’s campaign succeed the way it did. An Exert from their press release said:

“The most frequently carried daily devices are the phone and wallet. Your phone has consistently evolved over the past years, but why hasn’t your wallet?”.  “Our  focus  has  been  creating a  beautiful,  timeless  design while also working with the top engineers to perfect a piece the majority of the world carries daily.” Co-Founder and  CEO

Below are some more technical aspects as the wallet, and what was promised to backers, by the Lucca Bozzi team.


  • Solar Charging: Internal power bank for +10 hours of extra charge.
  • Price: Backers could get their hands on the wallet from $99.00. The retail price would have been $199.00.
  • RFID Security:  protection against electronic data theft.
  • Credit/debit cards: Quickdraw access for most used cards.
  • Materials: 100% genuine Nappa leather.
  • Storage: Anywhere from 1 to 8 cards.

The Kickstarter Backers

As with any Kickstarter project that fails to deliver, it’s the trusting backers who get the full front of its apparent failure. Disappointment in failure to deliver on time quickly turns into anger as more and more people quickly catch on things aren’t quite as they seem. Some of the comments from the community page of the Lucca Bozzi include the following:

‘I got mine and it has only come out of the box 1 time. This is HORRIBLE. It is stupid heavy, bulky, and to be honest, it was the worst Kickstarter I have ever backed. I put it back in the box where it still is gathering dust. I will happily sell to anyone who wants at half price’.James A.

‘Sorry to say this, but this has been the worst project I have ever backed. I’m one of those who eventually actually got a wallet in the mail, but the product is utter crap. It’s extremely thick and bulky, the solar panel is hidden behind a flap that is just in the way. The creator should have just refunded everyone their money because this product is not at all what was promised’.David N.


‘Unfortunately, this didn’t end up being a viable product for me. The biggest problem is the battery only charging my phone to 25%. Then the solar panels do not seem to charge the battery. Also only 6 card slots instead of the advertised 8, and no pocket, only a money clip that does not work well to be practical (that was a misunderstanding on my part). I’m not one to be seeking a refund.’ – Mazz M.

After browsing through hundreds of comments I discovered a few recurring themes around the wallet. While the vast majority of the comments are those looking for updates to the whereabouts of the Lucca Bozzi, many didn’t receive anything from the company.

Most complaints vary from the wallet being overly large compared to pictures. The battery cell that powers the solar charging was clearly far too large in reality which ended up causing a wallet that was way larger, heavier, and less versatile to use. This also leads to the fact the charging capabilities of the battery were poor. Many users reported not being able to charge anywhere near 100% before it ran out of power. 


The Lucca Bozzi Legacy

My guess is that Lucca Bozzi simply runs out of money. That’s why some did receive a wallet while others didn’t. The costs to produce and manufacturer a wallet aren’t cheap, and when combined with expensive technology parts, this price will likely increase tenfold. Running out of money they simply cut corners with design and simply stopped production when money began to run low. 

To this day no one really knows what happened to the Lucca Bozzi Wallet. Their website is down (although still accessible through the Wayback Machine), not all evidence of Lucca Bozzi has vanished though. To this day, you can still gain access to their Press Kit on Dropbox. Here you can truly admire the effort and creativity of what the wallet wanted to be. I personally don’t think, unlike other scams, the Lucca Bozzi Wallet ever meant to turn out the way it did. 


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