Things Commonly Found in Wallets

What do People Carry with them?

meaningful exhibitions of our individual personalities. Nonetheless, we come together with the common items that most of us, universally, store in our wallets. 

Though many of us carry bags, purses, and other items to hold all of our necessities for the day ahead, our wallets hold some particular belongings that most—if not all—of us can relate to on a personal level. But, what are the most common things one can find in a wallet?

To gain some insight into how we are much more similar to our fellow men than we might have originally thought, we’ll dive deeper into the most conventional things that call the wallet a home, including why you should keep these essentials on hand. 


The single most necessary item to keep in your wallet is a form of identification. Whether it’s a state-issued ID, a military ID, or your driver’s license, legitimate identification is essential. And, identifying yourself in public is an all-too-common obstacle to ever go without your ID. Keep in mind, however, that too much personal info is not necessary. Many people carry their social security cards along for the ride, which can mean risky business when it comes to theft and pickpockets. It’s beneficial to only bring what you need.

Driver’s License

If you drive a car, your license is an indispensable addition to your wallet. If you get pulled over, get into an accident, or find yourself in any other car-related incidents, you’ll need your driver’s license. So, it’s best to always keep it on hand.

Your Contact Details

Regardless of who you are, you’ll likely run into someone who might need your contact information every now and again. Whether it’s a potential client, business partner, or even just a new friend you met out on the town, contact details are useful to keep in your wallet. Business cards are an ideal size and will typically get the job done.

School & Work ID

As a student, your school ID will play a large part in your access to on-campus resources, and you’ll likely need it more often than not. Similarly, your work ID might give you access to various areas and supplies that you need regularly. They’re typically a perfect size, making them the best companion to your wallet.

Membership & Reward Cards

Most people belong to an organization of some kind, whether it be a gym, library, or movie theater rewards program. That said, if you are part of anything that requires a membership or rewards card, it’s convenient to keep them in your wallet. Having them safe and secure can help you avoid forgetting one and making the dreadful drive home to grab it.


Right up there with identification is money. Your wallet is a safe and secure home that leaves plenty of space for a small amount of cash and a couple of credit cards, which you likely rely on nearly every time you leave the house. Like ID, though, it’s best to avoid keeping wads of cash and hundreds of credit and debit cards handy—pickpockets certainly don’t deserve all of your life’s savings.

Insurance Cards

Insurance is essential. Medical, automobile, and any other form of insurance are important to always have a space reserved in your wallet. Not to mention, you probably have a copy that is designed to fit perfectly in one of the square pockets. It’s not uncommon to be asked for a copy of your insurance, and a card is an easiest and quickest way to go about the process.

Gift Cards & Coupons

We’ve all been there: maybe you spent your hard-earned cash on a brand-new jacket, and you come home to find a gift card for that store that’s been sitting on your bedside table for months. Or, maybe you already paid full price for an item when you had a coupon that could’ve saved you 50 percent. Regardless, gift cards and coupons are super convenient to have in your wallet. Especially when you could use your money to put toward next month’s rent.


As a runner-up to forgetting your gift cards, losing receipts for items you’d like to return or exchange is a major bummer. Obviously, it’s not necessary to keep every receipt that you’ve ever gotten in your wallet. But, holding onto the important ones you might potentially need can be a lifesaver. 

Special Things

Many people love to keep special items in their wallets, such as printed photos of loved ones, tokens, and anything else that might fit. Holding personal things in your wallet can be a great form of comfort and sentiment to carry around throughout the day. 


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