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Founded in 2015, Walli Wearables was one of the very first smart wallet brands to rise to fame after becoming one of the most successfully funded wallets on Kickstarter at the time having raised over $200,000 in capital. Founded on the idea and philosophy of bringing the traditional men’s wallet into the 21st century they provide a range of wallets with a huge variety of technology-infused features.  

From the initial success of the Original Walli Smart Wallet, Walli Wearables have gone on to develop a series of wallets (including the Walli Slim & ladies wallet) and cement themselves as a dominant player in the smart wallet space. Today we’re going to be reviewing the original walli wallet, and take a deep dive into the wallet’s features, build quality, and the set-up of the Walli Wearables app that powers the technology built within. 

Look & Design

The design of the Original Walli Wallet is based on the traditional and popular design of a Bifold (or Billfold) wallet. This is a time and tested design with a decent size (coming in at  0.6’’ x 4.7’’ x 3.4’’ (closed)) and a huge array of features (see below). The wallet itself is made from a very smooth full-grain leather that provides great durability and a comfortable feel in your pocket. 

For those who don’t know Full-Grain Leather is one of the best quality leathers on the market being made from the highest quality leather on the market that boasts higher quality and increased durability compared to others (most notably Geniune leather). 

Along with this, the wallet is available in 2 color options 1 of which is quintessentially unique combining a Blue with Teal that is very attractive in my opinion. The other variation is a nice Black and Grey which is more classy in style and design. 

Overall, I had no qualms with the quality or durability of the Walli Smart Wallet. It has a great feel in both the hand and pocket and its leather quality is high enough that it is more than capable of lasting a long time with the little issue of potential wear or tear. If any issues do arise, Walli Wearables do have a good warranty and we are more than happy to help you.


Functionality & Utility 

In terms of the functionality of the wallet, it retains a high capacity and storage of cash and cards. In total, the Walli Wallet has 6 individual card slots that can store around 2 cards per slot (for a maximum debit/credit card storage of up to 12 cards). The wallet also has one large full-width banknote slot divided into 2 for effective storage of bills with easy and more effective organization and segmentation of bills. Finally, alongside the full-width bank slot is also a zipper slot that allows for storage of coins or other small items further showcasing the incredible storage ability of this wallet.

The device that runs the smart features is incredibly small and perfectly integrated within the body of the wallet. In a lot of smart devices, you find that the wallet’s overall size and feel are compromised by large bulky electronics that inhibit and affect the overall usability of the wallet. Walli has adopted a slimline smart tracking card that can be removed from the wallet that is no larger and not that much thicker than a standard credit or debit card. This minimizes any bulk and creates a wallet that has great versatility for any situation or storage need. 


We can’t forget the smart features of the wallet also as that’s probably the reason you’re interested in this wallet. The biggest and most impressive feature of the Walli Wallet is its GPS Tracking capabilities. This enables you to track the whereabouts of your wallet in the unfortunate circumstances it’s lost or forgotten when out and about. The app will alert you when you’re out of Bluetooth range and let you know that you’ve potentially left your wallet behind (and hopefully prevent a disaster). 

  • Track your wallet by knowing the GPS coordinates of the last known location.
  • Ring your wallet with the press of a button on the Walli App (Up to 200 ft (60 m))
  • Find your phone by simply pressing a button on the wallet.
  • RFID Security. This helps prevent issues revolving around contactless card fraud and provides peace of mind against card skimmers. 
  • Self-Charging Battery – No Charging Required.
  • Share your live GPS location instantly with your emergency contact by pressing on the “W” logo on the wallet twice.

Overall, I was impressed with the speed and responsiveness of the systems in place that allows the Walli range of wallets to work. In a nutshell, it simply worked and after testing the features of the wallet I found no issues revolving around the efficiency or effectiveness of the wallet.


Walli App Set-Up

The setup of the Walli Wallet is incredibly simple with Walli Wearables streamlining the process to make it as streamlined as possible. Being available on both IOS and Android to successfully set up your smart wallet all you need to do is download the app, and follow a basic three-step process that involves turning on your Bluetooth, giving permissions for GPS tracking, and testing to see if everything works. It’s that simple and by far one of the easiest Smart Wallet App I’ve had the privilege of using. 

Having used it for a number of months now I found the entire app worked very well. I never had an issue with the app crashing or simply not responding and the development team seems to be on point with continuously updating the app to solve any issues raised by the community. For more information on the Walli App, you can visit the IOS Store or Play Store to find more information. 


Price Tag

The biggest caveat when looking to purchase a smart wallet comes down to its price tag. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of trying many different smart wallets, and the major turn-off for most is their prices that usually well into the high hundreds mark. This makes the Walli Wallet even more attractive as it’s not only priced at a fairly modest $119.00, but they often have all their range on offer with the Walli Original wallet currently being on offer at $79.00

They also have the wallet available through 4 interest-free installments of $19.75 which means if you are a little strapped for cash today you can pay in 4 nice little neat installments – a nice option to have. Compared to other smart wallets on the market the Walli Smart Wallet, and its entire range, is very affordable and comes in at one of the most affordable on the market. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I found the Walli Smart Wallet a joy to use. The latest iteration of their App is fast, easy to use and highly functional especially compared to other smart wallets that more often than not have buggy or simply unintuitive interfaces. Along with this, The wallet itself is highly attractive, distinctive with a great quality and more than enough storage capacity for 99% of men today. 

Finally, considering the price of the Walli Wallet compared to others, it really stands tall as one of the most affordable smart wallets on the market today. For more information on the Walli Smart Wallet check out their official website using the link below or visit their branding page here, for more details and other wallets offered in their range. 


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