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The Imossi N1 Metal Wallet Review

The Imossi N1 wallet was a fantastic wallet first funded on Kickstarter back in 2013. The wallet was one of the first examples of a wallet that took its design seriously not focusing on the functionality of the wallet but creating a device that you can feel happy and proud to carry with you on a daily basis.

As wallets become more streamlined and we carry less, wallets are becoming less about what they can carry and more of a fashion accessory. We all know men lack any choice for fashion accessories (unfortunately women get all that) and usually fall back on watches to fill this void. Wallets have slowly become another way men can express themselves with having a wallet made to look the part.

The Bad news…

Unfortunately, if you can do this review looking to purchase the Imossi wallet I’ll have to apologize in advance. Since 2018 Imossi is no longer a trading company and your only chance of getting your hands on the wallet would be through a second-hand platform such as eBay. Nevertheless, I wanted to review the wallet and give my recommendations for the closest alternatives to the Imossi you can get as an attempt to allow people to experience something similar to what the Imossi provided. In my opinion, Imossi was a fantastic brand who innovated and went above and beyond to create prolific wallets with a difference. Let’s take a look at what made the Imossi N1 Wallet Unique.

Look & Design

To say the Imossi N1 wasn’t an attractive wallet would be an understatement. The sleek all-metal design and brushed finish really give it an exuberant look and feel, and one of the utmost quality. It had an unusual design with a cylinder-shaped bottom that’s the main function is to act as a bottle opener. 

The Imossi N1 was cut from a solid block of high-grade aluminum and finished in a strengthened black anodize. Again, this gave it a very light yet durable appearance. It felt great in the hand and was relatively unstable in the pocket. This was also down to its minimalist size. Measuring only slightly larger than a credit card and boasting a width of only 1cm (100m x 67m x 12m).

Finally, the wallet also was highly customizable. Not only could you choose the color of the metal (gold, silver, black) but also got the option between the interchangeable elasticated straps. With 10 different colors in total, from pinks to greens, the Imossi went above and beyond to cater to the tastes of everyone. You could also purchase the straps in a set or individually to change the style as you pleased. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is very simple in its functionality. With a capacity of up to 10 cards in a Double-sided design where cards are separated by a central divider (5 on each side). This was actually a very clever way to design the storage of cards as the divider acted as a way to gain easier access to cards. 

Cash is stored underneath the elasticated band that fits securely around the middle of the wallet. This elastic band is strong and durable with good elasticity for ample storage of cash. Cash will have to be folded, which isn’t ideal, but that’s just the downside of purchasing any minimalist wallet on the market.

Finally, the Imossi N1 came with RFID Security. With contactless payments on the rise, so is a new kind of fraud: sophisticated thieves who can steal your credit card data by walking past you with electronic scanners. The new threat exists because of the radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) that are starting to be embedded in credit and debit cards. A modern thief can use this “swipe to pay” technology to capture your info by scanning your wallet or purse with an electronic scanner. The Imossi’s Aluminium is used to block the signal between a scanner and your cards, preventing your details from being extracted.

Wallet Alternatives

As previously mentioned the Imossi N1 wallet isn’t actually available anymore. Your best bet is to check out eBay if you’re for the wallet second hand. I did a quick search and a few items did come up. If you’re Keen on the N1 then it’s best to set up notifications to alert you when the Imossi might go on sale. 

Anyhow the chances of getting your hands on the Imossi N1 are slim. So that begs the question, what are some of the best alternatives to the Imossi wallet? Well, my first suggestion would be to check out our article on the best metal wallets. But also check out our top 3 suggestions below. 

  1. Spine Wallet
  2. Dango D01 Dapper Wallet
  3. The Ridge Wallet

Price tag 

The Imossi wallet was really fairly priced considering the premium nature of the wallet. This is probably one reason the wallet succeeds so much. The brand gave a sense of quality yet the price for affordable to the everyday consumer. The Imossi N1 Wallet came in at a price tag of £49.99 (around $55.00) which all things considered were cheap. 

The Imossi N1 frequently found itself on offer as well which added to the appeal of the masses. If you compare the Imossi range to other metal wallets, for example, you generally find it coming in significantly cheaper than others which were fantastic. 

Final verdict

The Imossi N1 Wallet was ahead of its time. It really encapsulates the essence of great, attractive design and helped pave the way for wallets focused on aesthetics over functionality. As we carry fewer wallets are becoming more of a fashion accessory than an objective of functionality so it makes sense that wallets, such as the Imossi, were popular and continue to rise in popularity even today. 


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