Holtz. Leather Wallet Review

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Holtz Leather’ story began in times of crisis and suffering. A truly humble beginning, this family-run business started with just a single embroidery machine and sheer motivation and dedication after the turmoil of losing their business and home. From their initial success selling through Etsy, Holtz Leather continued to expand with a successful eCommerce website. 

Today Holtz Leathers sell wallets all across the world and have built itself up as one of the most trusted leather brands on the market. Their success has also enabled them to build and open their own retail store located in Huntsville, USA. Today we’re going to be looking at some of the wallets available from Holtz Leather. See how good the quality is, designs and whether or not they deserve a place in your pocket. 

Look & Design

Holtz Leather are renowned for their for grain leather that is the most one of the most durable on the market. This leather is a really thick hide and over time will develop a wonderful and beautiful patina thanks to the leather absorbing oils over time. You only have to handle one of Holt’s leather wallets to really get a feel of how durable and quality it is.  Along with this also the wallets are handmade, which really shows as their distinctive pattern Asians and exemplary craftsmanship shines through with each and every one of their wallets in their range.

Personalization or customization is always also available from any wallet in the Holtz Leather range. This is mainly down to the fact each wallet is handmade and made to order meaning that holds leather has the opportunity to provide people with custom engravings, including personalizations of long messages/sentences. The most standard personalization option of three initials is free. 4 to 15 letters costing you only $5.00 extra. A special message of up to 24 letters will cost an extra $15.00. A fantastic and affordable way to get a more personalized wallet perfect for a gift.


Functionality & Utility 

When it comes to the range of choice from Holtz Leather they really excel with the variety of different types of wallets available. From really slim, minimalist cardholders through to traditional bifolds the range is fantastic and there really is something for everybody. This also includes phone case wallets, for iPhones, that incorporate a hardshell design, premium leather, and storage for cash and cards. 

Overall, I had no issue with any of the hold slugger wallets in terms of their design and functionality, if anything called sliders, that do a fantastic job of maximizing space and providing exemplary versatility in their designs. Whether or not you want to hold many cards or just a few hold slathered provides seamlessly compact, innovative constructs in each and every one of their designs incorporating secret hidden slots, quick access slots, and money clips.


Price Tag

I was pleasantly surprised at the affordability of the majority of wallets from holds considering their handmade handcrafted nature and the quality and durability of their full-grain leather. Each and every wallet is affordable for those with frequent discount codes available to reduce the price further. Starting at $39.00 and ranging up to $130.00 the range is highly affordable and provides an eclectic mix of price ranges for nearly anyone’s budget. The average price of a Holtz Leather wallet is approximately $65.00 mark.

The most expensive wallet the great Bambino Wallet is made from vintage baseball glove leather and it’s a highly unique wallet as it uses recycled material. Providing unique texture and feel as it really encompasses that Raw Vintage look of a baseball glove from a time gone by. I frequently talked about baseball glove wallets in the past and they are fantastic as they provide a more sustainable wallet as they use upcycled materials. For more information visit our best baseball glove wallets article using the link here.


Final Verdict

Overall I was highly impressed by Holtz Leather and the variety of walls they offer. Whether or not it’s down to their amazing craftsmanship in the use of full-grain leather, or the variety of choices I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy with any of the wallets in their range.

Holtz Leather wallets are best suited for those who want decent functionality but really value, the quality and craftsmanship of leather that can potentially last you a lifetime. With proper care, also those who want decent customization options and more traditional vintage style. For more information on Holtz. Leather wallets check out The official website Using the link below.


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