Haxford Slim Clip Wallet Review

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The Haxford Slim Clip Wallet is an ultra-thin wallet with a classy look and affordable price tag. Haxford as a brand was built upon this ideology creating a range of apparel, including wallets, watch straps, and phone cases, that want to provide amazing design and quality but in a price range where it’s available for all, regardless of budget, to enjoy. 

The Haxford Wallet itself is incredibly small which makes it great for either minimalist lovers or those who simply carry less with them when out and about. When maxed out with cash and cards (5 card slots / Holds up to 12 Cards + Cash) the wallet comes in at just 16mm thick and retains its size of only slightly larger than a standard-sized credit card. The Haxford Wallet also has a range of other unique features including RFID Security, to prevent contactless fraud, a metal money clip, for easy storage of banknotes, and a D-Ring enabling you to attach other items to the wallet such as keys. The range of features excels and exceeds what I tend to expect from a slim wallet so I gotta give props to Haxford. 

We also must mention the craftsmanship and quality of this wallet. As mentioned, Haxford aims to provide affordability with a premium wallet. They attempt to achieve this by using a distinctive leather typed dubbed ‘Crazy Horse Leather’. This leather is unique as it’s buffed with a variety of waxes & oils. This leaves the leather soft, supple, and longer-lasting compared to other leathers. Along with this Haxford has combined a range of different color leathers that add some uniqueness to the design of the wallet. This includes blue or green accents (see image). 

Coming in at only $28.00 I am truly impressed by the functionality and quality of this wallet especially in relation to its cheap price. I honestly highly recommend the Haxford Clip Wallet. The wallet is a great minimalist wallet that does a good job of retaining a unique array of features in a neat little package. For more information on the Haxford Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 86% 86%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 85% 85%



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