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Sometimes a wallet can be more than just an item to carry goods. It can tell a story. That’s what the folks at Novel wanted to convey and innovative in a highly unique array of wallets that really do tell a story. The Novel Book wallet was first conceived on Kickstarter back in 2020 where their imaginative concept that compelled backers to invest in the project.

As an avid reader, the founder of the Novel Book wallet was founded when its founder wanted a way to deter people from potentially stealing their wallets. With ideas running rampant, it was the idea of disguising your wallet as a book that really got the creative juices flowing. With the idea in hand, Novelbook took to Kickstarter to get the wallet founded, managing to raise over $250,000 in a fantastic example of crowdfunding success. 


Look & Design

What really sets the novel book wall it apart from others is the fact it’s crafted to closely resemble classic books not only in design (i.e. the book’s artwork/cover), also so in its choice of material. Outside of the Novel book wallet is made from a Cloth on hardcover traditional technique seen in the manufacturing of many books to this day. 

My biggest worry regarding the novel book wallet was whether or not it could really pull off the look and feel of an actual vintage book. My immediate verdict on boxing the wallet put this worry to rest as although the wallet is a much smaller size than an actual book would be, (coming in at 4.25 x 3 inches) it absolutely has that traditional look and feel of an actual book, that is pleasing to touch and looks the part.

The outside is made from this cloth on canvas, the inside of the wallet is made from more traditional materials you’d come to expect from a wallet. Using vegan leather, that provides great durability and sustainability, the Novel book 

Finally, we need to talk about the large array of different designs the wallets come in. The wallet that takes inspiration from classic books you can choose between 36 different book cover designs including and not limited to the likes of:

  • Pride and Prejudice Wallet (Jane Austen)
  • Alice in Wonderland Wallet
  • The Great Gatsby Wallet 

Functionality & Utility 

Regardless of the innovative aspect of the Novel book Wallet, you’re still going to want a functional wallet that has the capacity to store and hold your credit, debit cards, and cash. Luckily, Novel book has not neglected this aspect and provides a good array of functionality to meet the needs of most.

Designed in a typical bi-fold (billfold) fashion, that cleverly already resembles a book, in total, the novel book wallet has dedicated card slots that have the capacity to store 2 cards each for maximum storage of up to 8 credit/debit cards. Along with this, the wallet comes with a cash/receipt flat (a slightly larger, more open, and accessible slot for bills and other paper items) and an awesome pocket for coins and other loose items. 

Overall, I can’t really complain regarding the storage and ease of access the Novel book wallet provides. It has more than enough storage for me and the wallet is laid out in a pleasing fashion providing easy access to all your wallet’s contents at a moment’s notice. The coin slot is a nice added bonus and really doesn’t add any additional bulk nor compromise the usability of the wallet. All around I was very impressed. 


Final Verdict

Considering the uniqueness and the quality of the novel book wallet range I was highly surprised and impressed with the sheer affordability of the wallets. Coming at a price tag as low as $30.00 (with the most expensive being $34.00) I believe this is an absolute steal of a price with the wallet having the sort of quality I’ve come to expect from wallets much higher in price than this.

Overall, I was incredibly satisfied with my time using the Novel book Wallet. Its stylish and highly unique design really does do each of these classic novels justice and is a perfect wallet for both those who love any of the 36 books available or simply want a way to hide or conceal a wallet. This, and considering its affordability, I think the Novel book wallet could easily be a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a unique, functional, and highly attractive array of wallets. For more information check out the Novel book at their official website using the link below.


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