The Focx R.01 Minimalist Wallet Review

Started on Kickstarter the Focx brand was built upon the idea that a wallet didn’t exist that met the needs of its founder wanting a wallet with style and minimalism while still retaining a high degree of functionality and features. This would be quite a feat if they could achieve such a goal as wallets with a small size, functionality, and style is something that most wallet brands can never achieve. 

Today we’re going to be focusing on the Focx R.01 wallet which was the first wallet released in their range back in 2014. The wallet is a minimalist wallet made from a combination of leather and elastic. On first inspection, the wallet is very well made with a range of interesting features including innovative storage options and quick pull tabs for easy access. Let’s take a further look at what the Focx R.01 Wallet has to offer.

‘An aspect we have found particularly important is the harmonious and purposeful combination of both shape and function. The product we have managed to develop during many sleepless nights and countless trials and errors are making us very proud and we are pretty sure to have found the perfect wallet’. 

Look & Design

The Focx Wallet is made from a premium natural cowhide leather with a premium wax finish. The elasticated band used on the Focx is also high quality offering great stretch (over 110%) being made from a combination of polyester and elastane. Overall, the quality of materials used is one of the highest I’ve seen in a wallet of this style and size and I firmly believe this wallet will last, and continue to last, over continued use with little fear of wear or damage.  

In terms of its style, the wallet comes in a small range of colors from the all the black version (the one I got) through to a dark brown and light tan coloration. Each offers a nice contrast to the black elastic while still retaining that premium look the brand has adopted.

The size of Focx R.01 is also worth mentioning as it’s probably the biggest selling point of the wallet being aimed at people who want to carry a smaller wallet with them. Coming in at the tiny size of 8.7cm (L) x 5.9cm (W) and weighing just 20 grams (without cash or cards) the wallet is right on the money for a wallet classified as ultra-minimalist and I really appreciate the compact look with ample capacity to match. 

Overall, I was really happy with the look, feel and quality of the Focx R.01 Wallet. It really shines in its look and is distinctive enough when compared to similar style wallets on the market. 

Functionality & Utility 

For such a small wallet The Focx does a great job of retaining high functionality compared to smaller wallets or that of a similar size. They achieve this through a bunch of creative ways in the Focx’s design. Firstly, the wallet can hold up to 8 cards securely. Cards are stacked lengthways in a typical ‘card stacking’ style most seen in wallets of a smaller size. This isn’t the most functional way to access cards as those stuck in the middle of the stack are usually much harder to get access to. Nevertheless, the elasticated material used by Focx makes this much easier and I really appreciate the elastic’s quality in helping achieve this. 

Secondly, the wallet also has a handy pull tab for easy access to your credit/debit cards. This is also made from the elasticated material, previously mentioned, providing easier access and more tactile feedback when accessing cards. It’s one of the better versions of a pull tab I’ve seen in a wallet and adds to the great functionality of this tiny wallet.

One thing you don’t see very often in wallets is the inclusion of an attachment ring. This is used to attach any additional items to the wallet – such as keys – to hang from the outside of the wallet. I like this as I’d prefer to have everything secured to one single item to provide easier access and to make sure not to lose any individual part of my daily carry. That being said, I did have trouble with a few of my keys fitting on the ring. It was more of a case that it was limited by quantity as the ring is quite small and didn’t fit what I assumed was a ‘standard’ sized key.  

Finally, RFID security is not included as standard with the wallet but can be purchased separately (for an extra $2.00) in the form of a blocking card. Personally, this isn’t the most ideal way of providing this increasingly important feature. With Contactless fraud on the rise, I feel Focx overlooked the inclusion of this as its slowly becoming a must for all wallets on the market. Using the blocking card also reduces the capacity of the wallet and adds unnecessary bulk which isn’t ideal. 

Price Tag

The Focx is fairly price coming in at a price tag of $45.00. Minimalist wallets such as this tend to vary significantly in price but the Focx is probably one of the more expensive wallets of this type I’ve come across. Does that mean it’s not worth the money? Not necessarily. The wallet offers a premium look and feels that isn’t easily achieved in a wallet of this style (mainly because elastic isn’t the most attractive material). If $45.00 is something you’re willing to spend, and you’re looking for a minimalist one, then definitely consider this wallet.

Customer Reviews

Although Focx wallets don’t have an overwhelmingly large amount of reviews to go off it’s clear that from what I’ve found the Wallets are well received by the public. For example, on Facebook, the Focx wallet’s rate 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 people’s ratings. Below are a few examples of these.

Review 1: I bought focx wallet 01. I have to say after owning a few great minimalist wallets in the last years, this looks to become my best experience so far. Thank you so much’.

Review 2: Good product. If the band on the backside was a little bit tighter it would be perfect. Just to keep the cash more firmly in place’.

Review 3: This wallet is great. Nice support and the quality of the wallet is awesome. For the first time, I was a bit surprised how to fold the bills. Now it’s my favorite wallet for a long time’.

Focx Alternatives

Many types of wallets exist with the style of the R.01 so your choice – if you’ve got your heart set on a wallet like this – is quite vast. That being said, the range of different prices you’ll come across isn’t small and wallets of this style can vary from the cheap (around $15.00) all the way up to around $100.00. Below are two suggestions for alternatives to the Focx R.01 wallet for you to consider. 

Wallet 1: The E8 Elephant Wallet is one of my favorite ultra-minimalist wallets. Made entirely from elastic the wallet is very slim but also has an innovative take on allowing you to successfully store coins. The wallet also comes in a range of vibrant colors all for a low price of $15.00. For more information on the E8 check out our full review here. 

Wallet 2: The Crabby Wallet is a popular all elastic wallet first funded on Kickstarter. The wallet is ultra-thin, has decent capacity but also comes with a wrap-around elasticated band to keep everything in place. The Crabby also comes with an attachment ring to hold any keys much like the Focx. For more information on the Crabby check out our full review here.

Final Verdict

The Focx R.01 Wallet is a nice addition to the wallet world with a great design, premium materials and satisfactory functionality (for its size). The wallet is rather expensive compared to alternatives but is justified by its more premium feel. I recommend this wallet to people who tend to carry less and want a stylish way to do so. For more information on the Focx wallet why not check them out directly – and there range – by clicking the link below.


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