The Small Ainste Evan Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing use of materials including premium leathers and sturdy elastic strap.
  • Great range of colors to choose from allowing you to find a wallet that meets your own individual style.
  • Affordable price tag (variable: changes depending on the choice of material and color).
The Bad
  • The capacity might be a tad small for many people. This wallet is more for minimalist lovers.
  • Leather can be a little hard but delicate. I felt like it could (unconfirmed) degrade quite fast over prolonged use. 

Today’s market is full of overzealous, highly rated copycat wallets. That’s a fact. Honestly, I rarely come across wallets that are altogether attractive, well-structured, and cleverly planned. So when I heard about the Evan Wallet by Ainste I got a little intrigued. With a sleek and minimalist design, great use of premium materials, and a range of color options and variations to choose from, the Ainste might be the right pick for you. In this article, I’m going to go break down the Ainste Evan Wallet and give my verdict on this very well received minimalist wallet.

The Ainste Evan Wallet is the first success story of the Ainste Company. The unique brand name “Ainste” actually derives from the combination of Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Amazon – 3 things that inspired the founder. It was interesting to me that they mention Einstein and Jobs as individuals but don’t use Jeff Bezos – the richest man on Earth – as inspiration himself but rather his company. 


Look & Design

First of all the design of the Ainste Evan wallet has actually been patented. I went and had a look myself on the patent search and to my surprise, it has been (click here to see that). Although I understand why someone would want to patent a design I can’t help feeling that the Ainste’s wallet design is something I’ve come across quite often. For example, both the Kerf Card Wallet and Focx range of wallets have similar designs, although not entirely the same. The entire claim for the Ainste is, I quote, ‘The ornamental design of a wallet, as shown and described’.

The first thing to note about the Ainste is its size. Coming in at just  9 cm X 6.3 cm X 0.5 cm snd weighing just 0.7 ounces (without any cash or cards) the wallet really is a fantastic size for people looking for a slimline, weightless wallet that carries just enough without getting too overly bulky. The leather used for making this wallet is called Saffiano leather. This kind of leather has a reputation of being elegant and highly resistant. The leather is hard at first on initial use.  For me, it also had a feeling of plastic that I wasn’t too fond of. But, its smell and texture best proof that its real high-quality leather.

Finally, the wallet does come in a nice vibrant range of colors to choose from. The cheapest version is the standard small Evan Wallet, with a variety of other wallets coming in at similar or different prices depending on the version you choose. One of my favorite models is the Horween Shell cordovan wallet that looks stunning. It has a sort of vintage look with a beautiful patina.


Functionality & Utility 

The functionality of the Evan wallet is strong yet simple at the same time. Like most minimalist wallet the wallet focuses on being smaller in size than it does with huge amounts of storage capabilities. In terms of its card capacity, the wallet can hold up to the 6 cards with ease but could hold more at the sacrifice of size (more cards = bigger wallet). 

One unique aspect of the Ainste wallet is the inclusion of an elastic band that fits firmly around the center of the wallet. This band very much resembles the old ‘LiveStrong’ wristbands that we’re all the rage a decade ago. The band is really helpful, unbelievably strong, and really adds to the unique look of the wallet. At first glance, you’ll think that the cards and cash that are held by the band may fall down. But it holds the cards and cash so tightly that there is no chance of missing anything. Additional elastic bands are available to purchase if yours does happen to snap.


Price Tag

The Evan Wallet is a mid-tier priced wallet starting at a price tag of $37.00 for the standard version and increasing all the way up to a maximum of $98.00 for some models depending on the material it’s made from. Generally speaking, the lower price of $37.00 is a fair and attractive price for a wallet such as the Ainste. The wallet is made out of great materials with a strong build quality so I feel this price reflects this. I personally wouldn’t be willing to spend any more on this wallet, especially not $100, but depending on your style you might be willing to pay that extra. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Ainste Evan wallet is a fantastic take on a unique minimalist wallet. I really look at the look and design along with ample functionality and great storage. The price tag is fair and reasonable and with a USA Lifetime Warranty it really is hard to complain. You can also get your hands on a coupon code for the Evan wallet here. For more information why not check out the official Ainste website using the link below. 


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