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The ED Charly Slim Wallet Review

I always love a wallet that’s a little bit different and paves the way for solving a common feature in wallets. I’m of course talking about the ‘best way to store coins’ an issue that seems to have plagued men throughout the millennia. Whether it’s simply shoving the coins in your pocket or comprising size (wallets with coin storage typically are large) I’ve yet to find a wallet that even attends to solve this issue in an effective way. That’s until the ED Charly wallet. This wallet is made for people who like to carry coins with them and live in a society where physical cash is still prominent in daily life.

ED Charly first came to prominence back in 2017 when it launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This went very well for the emerging brand securing over $13,000 in funding success. From here, ED Charly has gone onto creat many unique slim wallets increasing their range and paving the way for a wallet which incorporates a slim design into a functional wallet. Let’s breakdown further what the ED Charly wallet has to offer.

‘Ed Charly is a team of product designers based in Singapore who aim to create meaningful minimalist products to suit your everyday needs. Ed is designed to make your everyday carry easier and more convenient and we hope that you can help us to bring Ed to the world’.

Look & Design

The look of the Ed Charly is one of the more classic looks resembling the classic look of a traditional bi-fold. The wallet comes in at the very small size of only 100mm x 80mm x 10mm making it fit the bill of a minimalist wallet. The wallet fits in the pocket very easily and is barely noticeable in the pocket. This is due to its really slim profile (only 10mm) which is amazingly slim considering the wallet stores coins.

The wallet is made from Crazy Horse Leather. I often get asked what exactly is crazy horse leather (as odd as the name sounds). It is, in fact, is more commonly known as saddle leather and is enhanced by applying a special kind of wax to premium quality leather. This wax enhances the wallet’s look. It gives it a darker appearance more in tune with how you’d expect a vintage or antique to look. It also gives the wallet a better texture and feels and is probably one of my favorite types of leathers on the market today.

The only thing I would add is it would be nice to have a few additional variations in color with the ED Charly wallet. The wallet only comes in a darker brown color so I’d like to see a black or light brown version of the wallet further down the line.

Functionality & Utility 

The main feature of this wallet is its capacity for coin storage. The wallet hosts a front pocket compartment that is used to store your coins and other small items such as keys. This pocket takes up a large part of the wallet, is large in size and has capacity for many coins depending on their denominations (I found it could hold around 10+ 50 pence pieces. The front pocket is also very secure being held shut with a classic button clip. 

On the reverse side is where you store all your credit/debit cards. The wallet can store up to 3 – 6 cards with ease and includes a cutout in the leather which acts as a quick access slot so you can seamlessly slide out one of your most-used debit/credit cards. 

The very top of the wallet also includes an additional slot used for storing your notes. Due to the smaller size of the wallet notes will have to be folded into a smaller size which isn’t ideal but is a great system for smaller sized wallets. 

Price Tag

The ED Charly wallet retails at $55.00 but is currently on offer at $37.00. In my opinion, this is a fair price given the quality of the wallets materials and its build. ED Charly also provides great customer service, a 30 day returns policy and returns in the unlikely chance the wallet has defects. All this factored in it’s really hard not to like their wallets as well as the brand. 

Final Verdict 

To conclude, I can’t really fault the ED Charly wallet for what it is. It does a great job of providing ample functionality in a well made and premium quality wallet. I recommend the ED Charly to anyone who frequently finds themself carrying lots of coins and wants an effective way to store them, in a small compact design at an affordable price. For more information on the ED Carly, Minimalist Wallet checks out their official website by clicking the link below.


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