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The Andar Ranger Wallet Review

The Ranger is a wallet that resembles a traditional bi-fold that is simple in design but also adds some unique features in terms of its layout and how it adds subtle features that add to the quality and design of the Andar. 

I first stumbled across Andar when trying to find a wallet which was both slim in size, but also retained the traditional look and feel of what we know and love about bi-folds. The Andar brand did this for me and gave me a great outlook for a wallet range that not only I identified with (in terms of the aesthetics I was going for) but also with their ingenuity and innovation in how they design and create their wallets.

‘A N D A R — a Spanish verb with a meaning “to carry”, started in 2015, where we set out to make something unique and minimal that would last. From there came unique and simple minimalist wallets. Since then, we’ve introduced phone case designs, and other day to day carry goods that we are stoked on and are pretty sure you will be as well. Andar strives to bring high-quality handcrafted goods at an affordable price. Our products are simple, unique, functional, and minimal’.

Look & Design

On first impressions, the Ranger looks and feels great in the hand. Measuring only slightly larger than a credit card in terms of height and width the wallet does a great job of staying compact in a traditional bi-fold shape.

The wallet comes in the usual range of colors that Andar offer among all their wallet range. There distinct and range from very muted outdoor tones ranging from olive-grey, black, dark brown, saddle brown and tan (brown).

The wallets leather is made from what Andar calls a full-grain vintage leather. The leather isn’t as thick as I’d assume from other wallets I’ve tested using full grain leather (the highest quality leather on the market). Nevertheless, the Ranger was smooth to the touch and started to develop a lovely patina on the surface after only a small amount of daily usage. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Andar ranger wallet really shines with its range of functionality. Firstly, the wallet can hold between 1 – 10 cards with ease. With a wallet this small I was skeptical at first as I knew that 10 cards might be a bit of a stretch and create unnecessary bulk. But in the end, I was wrong. 10 cards is probably slightly too many (I’d recommend a max of 7-8) but it does a fantastic job regardless. 

My favourite feature of Andar wallets – and one which is included in most of their range – is the inclusion of the quick access pull tab. Although pull-tabs in themselves are not uncommon on a wallet the way Andar have designed theirs is by far the best I’ve come across. The pull tab is basically spring-loaded using elastic to almost ping the card out once pulled. The reason why this is great is the elastic tab always returns back to its original position after use unlike many wallets on the market with a similar feature. 

Inside the wallet, you have a cash strap for securing your cards. The Andar Ranger has more of an odd once with the strap spanning horizontally across the wallet. It looks unusual and different for sure but I started to wonder whether this would actually help secure notes better. 

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a leather bi-fold with some unique features and a smaller size then the Andar Ranger might be for you. Coming in at a price tag of £39.00 the Ranger isn’t the cheapest wallet so make sure to do some research before you consider this wallet.

For more information on the Andar Ranger click the link below. 


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