The Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

The Good
  • Fantastic for traveling. Has a great capacity for cash and cards along with a dedicated slot for your passport.
  • Given the fact it’s a travel wallet, which is traditionally much larger, this is a really slim wallet.
  • Made from sustainable materials.
The Bad
  • The only issue with this wallet is the price might be a little too high for some people. Also other Travel Wallets do exist on the market at a lesser price tag.

Bellroy is one of my favorite wallet brands in the world. They are one of the most popular wallet manufacturers in the world and we’re single-handedly reasonable for Kickstarting my love of wallets way back in 2016. Since, then they expanded their range offering other leather goods including backpacks, phone cases, and travel goods. But one thing has always stayed consistent with Bellroy, they always strive for the very best, most innovative products on the market and that has always stood out to me.

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Bellroy Travel Wallet. Last week I actually got the chance to finally travel to London for some work so I took this as the perfect opportunity to test a big backlog of travel/passport wallets I never got the chance to try (thanks COVID). While on business for 2 days I got the chance to really put the Travel wallet through its paces and feel like I’ve been able to come up with an impartial opinion on this interesting wallet. Let’s now look into detail regarding what the Travel wallet, but Bellroy, has to offer you. 

Bellroy Travel Wallet Brown

Look & Design

Straight out of the box and at first glance, the Travel Wallet looks similar to every other wallet on the market but it is anything but “just another wallet”. On the exterior of the wallet are some Bellroy detailing and an unbranded back, giving the Travel Wallet a nice and simple look. Opening up the wallet, you’ll see some fairly familiar sights, similar to earlier wallet versions released by Bellroy but with startling differences that make this wallet stand out. Sporting great quality leather, the wallet measures 150mm x 97mm and is large enough to hold all your travel essentials and small enough to fit in your front, back, or even breast pocket. 

Made from premium tanned hides and using leather that has been sustainability sourced Bellroy has done a fantastic job of creating a premium look and feeling wallet while also giving back to the community. Bellroy is actually part of the B Corp movement – a group of certified companies using the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. So if you’re someone who likes to consider the ramifications and impact of the companies you purchase goods from Bellroy are a great place to start. 

Available In a classic range of colors. Bellroy has always been good about providing a huge variety of options for variations in their wallets and the Travel wallet is no exception to this rule. Color options include black, blue, and two brown colors. 

Bellroy Travel Wallet Cash Slot

Functionality & Utility 

The Travel Wallet also comes with a nice pen that not only looks good but also fits into the wallet nicely and has the Bellroy logo stamped on it too. The pen is perfect for filling out those pesky immigration forms or scribbling world-changing ideas.  Bellroy’s incredible attention to detail is clearly shown in the design of this beautiful Travel Wallet. The pen also comes with a replacement should you lose your original.

Now to the capacity of the wallet for cash and cards. You get four quick access credit card slots in the front of the wallet and three in the back, perfect for holding your ATM, credit, debit, and even the occasional business card or coupon. There’s enough space to hold around 10 cards safely and comfortably. On the front right side of the wallet is a space to hold your passports which is a roomy slot that is tight and keeps your passport secure when out and about. 

The main pouch of the Travel Wallet is spacious enough to hold your plane tickets and even immigration forms without fear of crease or tear. There’s also a nifty little feature in this wallet that I quite like. There’s a “hidden” compartment right behind the main pouch that you’ll definitely find handy. This sits alongside the standard long banknote slot but hidden which allows you to hide additional cash or paper items.

Finally, the Travel wallet also comes with RFID lining that helps prevent your wallet In a world of credit card fraud, Bellroy offers a simple solution that will prevent people from skimming your cards when the wallet is in your pocket and that’s really handy. 


Final Verdict

Bellroy is, and always has been, reasonably priced in my opinion. As the Travel wallet is much larger than most of their wallets it does come in at an increased price tag of $125.00. Is this a little too expensive for what you get? I personally don’t think so. The Bellroy Travel wallet serves a very niche purpose and I think out of all the travel wallets I’ve ever reviewed it does a fantastic job while still feeling like an everyday wallet. It’s not too large compared to others on the market and has a fantastic look and feel.

This Travel Wallet is a properly thought out and well-designed product made of high-quality leather and with a great warranty that not only is functional but is also stylish. It gives you everything you’ll need in a travel wallet and more. I’d recommend you get it. For more information on the Bellroy Travel Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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