The Wojo Silicone Wallet Review

The Wojo wallet is one of the more obvious looking wallets I’ve come across. This mainly comes down to the usual material it’s made from silicone and neoprene layered in a tight-fitting pocket. This is one of the most unusual materials I’ve stumbled across and the first of its type I’ve reviewed. Created for a lifestyle enhancing daily carry the Wojo wallet blurs the line between a wallet which provides practicality in outdoor environments but also a functional one that can be used in all situations.

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Look & Design

The main selling point of this wallet is its unique use of Silicone as it’s the primary material. The silicone of the Wojo wallet is super flexible, feels smooth in the hand and resilient. I took a little bit of getting used to as the material isn’t what you’d come to expect from a wallet but as I used it more the wallet grew on me.

The Wojo isn’t what I’d consider premium but that’s not what they are going for. The material looks and feels like creating a wallet with great utility and functionality and I’m happy with how it looks. Along with the main Silicone wallet, the Wojo also comes with a silicone band (resembles one of those ‘live strong’ bracelets) that fits tightly around the center of the wallet. This band is really well made and one of the hardier I’ve come across as these types of bands have a tendency to snap after prolonged use. It also fits really securely on the Wojo as the friction between the wallet and the band keeps it secured in place. 

The Wojo also comes in a nice range of colors (including red, blue, green and purple) with the rubber band complimenting the wallet in a different accent color. The Bands are also printed with a logo. You can have the choice between the standard ‘Wojo’ logo or include one of many American Football teams including Louisiana State, Alabama or Texas. This isn’t necessarily something that appeals to me (more so because I’m British) but is a nice unique touch for people who are big fans of American Football. 

Functionality & Utility 

For its small minimalist size, the wallet also has some great functionality mainly down to the choice of using Silicone as its material. Because the Silicone stretches the wallet can easily accommodate a range of cards (between around 2 – 8) with the stretchy material allowing for the wallet to expand and contract depending on your preferred capacity. The wallet doesn’t have any sort of dedicated banknote slot but is combated with the inclusion of the Silicone band. Cash is folded and tucked under the band for easy access. 

The properties of the silicone material also make it a perfect wallet for use in outdoor situations or extreme sports. The Wojo is Water resistant making it perfect for activities on the wallet but also makes the wallet easy to clean and maintain as any dirt simply wipes off in seconds. 

Price Tag

One of the best things about the Wojo wallet is how unbelievably cheap it is. The Wojo comes in at just $12.95 (not including shipping) which is one of the cheapest wallets I’ve ever reviewed. At this price, I’d even say you could purchase this wallet just to see if you like it and put it in a drawer if you don’t like it. Great value for the little wallet.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Wojo wallet is a nifty little wallet with great size, satisfactory functionality and a price to match. I would recommend the Wojo as an alternative wallet for use in times where you might not want to get your standard wallet in certain situations (like sports or outdoor use). At that price you really have nothing to lose and can fall back on an excellent little wallet for when you think is appropriate. For more information on the Wojo Wallet check out their website by clicking the link below.


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