The Wobo Wallet Review

The Minimalist Patented Wallet

The Wobo Wallet is an innovative minimalist/leather wallet created, developed, and patented by a small team located in Harrisburg, NC. The Wobo offers a great combination of style, function, and minimalism all patented by the team to prevent others from what they consider a revolutionary design. But how good is the Wobo Wallet in practice? And is its patented design something of a game-changer in the market? Keep reading, this is our full detailed review of the Wobo Wallet. 

Look & Design

The Wobo is designed in a bi-fold style with a single piece of leather that wraps around your cash and cards and secured in place with a nylon band. The build quality of the Wobo is very strong being handmade from Full Grain Horween Leather. For those who don’t know Hortween is a famous Tannery from Chicago dating back to the early 20th century. The tannery is known for providing some of the most high-quality leathers in the world, so it’s fantastic to see it used within the design of the Wobo Wallet – quality assured. 

Finally, along with the great quality and craftsmanship, you can also purchase the Wobo in a range of awesome color options and design variations. This mainly includes an array of vintage style colors (browns, blacks, and greens), but also comes with a choice of leather engravings on the front that can including, with some models, a custom monogram where you can get your get up to 3 characters of your choice engraved right onto the surface. 

Functionality & Utility

Where the wallet really stands out is with its patented design that essentially boils down to a sliding band that can be moved up and down. Sliding it down releases the band from its lock position allowing you to pull the leather flap away – the process by which cards can be placed in the wallet, again, securing it in place. Sliding up the band locks the Wobo in place and secures your cards. It’s a nice addition to the wallet, works well, and was probably worth patenting. 

The Wobo utilizes the classic ‘card stacking’ process for storing cards. This means, unlike traditional wallets that use individual card slots, cards are stored by stacking them on top of each other to create what’s commonly referred to as a credit card sandwich. This has its positives and negatives. First of all, the Wobo has a really high capacity for storage with up to 20 cards easily being able to be store in what is a minimalist-sized wallet. Cash (banknotes) can also be easily stored on this elastic band (folded) with around 

That being said, the more cards you store the bulkier that wallet gets, and anywhere past 10 cards really starts to create a bulkier wallet meaning the Wobo loses its minimalist status. Along with this card, stacking isn’t the most ‘ user-friendly’ way to store cards. Cards in the middle of the stack become harder to access where cards tightly packed together causes more tension. This issue isn’t uncommon with wallets of this style, just something to keep in mind as the Wobo wallet does use this style. 

Final Verdict

Overall, the Wobo Wallet is an innovative and interesting take on a minimalist wallet. The locking mechanism for securing cards is easy to use and really provides peace of mind that credit/debit cards won’t just fall out at the most inconvenient times. The general quality of the leather is really high using great quality leather and great craftsmanship to match. At a price tag of $49.00, the wallet isn’t the cheapest wallet of this kind on the market, but the price is reflective of the higher quality materials used – a wallet sure to last a long time. For more information on the Wobo Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 70% 70%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 68% 68%



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