Wintercheck Factory Wallet Review

Affordable, Minimalist & Metal

The Wintercheck Factory Wallet, also known as the ConsoliWallet, is a uniquely designed wallet. Its choice of material combined with its odd texture and color really makes the WCF Wallet special and makes it one of my contenders for the most recognizable wallet on the market. Inspired by the simplicity of the classic money clip, the WCF Wallet is made with minimalism in mind coming in at just 4W x 2.75H. Its design combines two lightweight aluminum plates that attach to each other thanks to the polyester-bound latex rubber shock cord.

The Wallet gets its unique look and feel from its powdered coated design. This gives a very industrial look to it with no two wallets having the same patternation. It also has a lovely high-quality feel and almost a coarse rough texture to it. This might not be to everyone’s liking but I personally love it. To add to this, the WCF Wallet also comes in a small but vibrant range of colors including Silver (grey), black, orange, and green. 

The wallet theoretically can store as many cards as you like between the two metal plates and secured thanks to the rubber elastic cord. That being said, the more cards you cram into the WCF Wallet the larger it becomes. I personally found, around 4 – 5 cards were the best, allowing any extra space to be used for the storage of banknotes (folded). A notch (cut out in the metal) at the top provides an easy way to gain access to your cards, and it’s included RFID Security means you won’t be caught up in any sort of credit card fraud. 

Coming in at the low price tag of $32.00 the Wintercheck Factory Wallet is a fantastic little wallet that excels in both beautiful design, hardiness, and ample storage (for a minimalist wallet anyway). I think this is a great little wallet and when compared to other metal wallets (and their usual high price tag) I would consider it a bargain. To discover more regarding the Wintercheck Factory Wallet and to get your hands on your very own, check out their store page using the link below.

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 90% 90%



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