The Minimo Wallet Review

A Customizable Metal Plate Wallet

The Minimo Wallet is a minimalist metal plate style wallet. Made from 2 aluminum plates secured together with a rubber band the Minimo does a fantastic job of providing great storage capacity while retaining a tiny size of no larger than a standard credit card. The wallet is made in a unique and innovative design that’s really nice. The build quality is fantastic and I have no doubt this wallet could last a very long time. Even the rubber band exceeded my expectations and various stress tests gave me confidence it wouldn’t snap in a hurry. 

In terms of its features, the Minimo is very in tune with other metal wallets on the market. The wallet can store between 1 – 10 cards and an ample amount of cash folded and tucked under the rubber band.  Unlike many minimalist wallets of this type (in which there are plenty) Minimo has developed a segmentation or ‘middle’ divider. This sits firmly between the two plates, and your would-be stored cards, and creates a nice way to better organize and access your cards. 

Where the Minimo wallet really shines is in its range of customization options when you decide to purchase. Available in a huge variety of different color variations (I counted 13) the Minimo provides the option to further this by allowing to choose the colors of all varying parts of the wallet (The band color, front, middle and back plates). This means you could really go to town creating a wallet with a variety of different colors to suit your own individual style, something rare in wallet brands today. 

At a price tag of only £30.00 (around $45.00), this is an amazing price considering the fact many metal wallets can exceed the $100 mark. I think the Minimo is a great wallet for people looking to initially test out a more minimalist style wallet before committing to a pricer one if they so choose. For more information on the Minimo Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 76% 76%
  • Price 81% 81%


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