The Waterfield Micro Wallet Review

1. Introduction

2. Look & Design

3. Functionality 

4. Price Tag

5. Final Verdict

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Value



The Good
  • Full-zip design allows for the storage of a range of items including tech (earbuds), coins and large amounts of cash/cards.
  • Great choice of materials to choose from including top grain leather, canvas, or nylon.
  • A really affordable starting price of $25.00.
The Bad
  • The wallet can get quite bulky very quickly especially when storing larger items. This takes away from its minimalist size. 
  • Annoyingly large logo printed on the outside of the Canvas and Nylon versions of the wallet.
  • Inside of the wallet doesn’t have any slots or organsiation features. This means the wallet can get cluttered.

The Waterfield Micro Wallet is a unique take on a classic zip wallet with a full wrap-around design and wonderful use of materials. What makes this wallet stand out is it’s clean minimalist design along with an array of useful yet hidden features to complete an all-round package. This review is going to go into detail regarding what the Waterfield Wallet has to offer and whether or not this wallet is right for you. 

Waterfield Design is a San Francisco based company. Founded in 1998 the brand is big on creating and developing a range of amazing quality produce including (but not limited too) bags, cases, and of course wallets. With so-called ‘uncluttered designs’ and the use of top-grade materials Waterfield has cemented themselves as a top brand that is both functional and stylish with innovative designs.

Look & Design

Being a zipper wallet the wallet has an unusual wrap-around design creating a semi-circle shape. The wallet itself doesn’t have any features on the outside with the whole purpose of the wallet to create a safe and secure interior for the storage of a range of items (more on the functionality and features of the wallet later). 

The wallet is also available in two distinct sizes to give the choice between larger or smaller storage depending on your needs. These two versions include a compact version and an international version for notes larger than the US. Sizes are either 4″ (l) x 0.75″ (w) x 2.9″ (h) for the compact version or 4.25″ (l) x 0.75″ (w) x 3.38″ (h) for the larger international model. 

In terms of the material of the wallet, the Waterfield wallet is made primarily from either Three full-grain deer-tanned leather, waxed canvas, or nylon. On the checkout, you get to choose which material you want each having distinct advantages and disadvantages. The Leather version of the Waterfield provides a more premium look and feel along with being a material made to last over many years of use. On the other hand, both the canvas and nylon version don’t look as classy yet have distinct features of their own being waterproof (can also be washed) and more resistant dirt and stains. 

Finally, we come onto the design variations and color options the wallet is available in. If you’re interested in the Nylon or Canvas versions then, unfortunately, they only come in black. Nevertheless, the leather version is available in a small yet stark range of colors to choose from. Leather is available in blue, brown, or red while the nylon and canvas versions are both only available in black. It’s also worth mentioning the non-leather versions also come with a large logo stitched on the side. In my opinion, this looks ugly and really takes any quality the wallet had.

Functionality & Utility 

The main selling point of the Waterfield Micro wallet is its great array of functionality that goes above and beyond what most wallets are capable of. With a full self-locking zipper, the wallet is great at storing small items such as small tech (earphones), coins, or keys compared to the standard array of cash and cards most wallets only tailor for. The wallet also has a small side loop for attachments which means the Waterfield can be attached to a chain or belt for added security and peace of mind. 

In terms of cash and card storage, the wallet can fit up to a maximum of 12 credit or debit cards with ease and also accommodate a huge array of banknotes (folded). I have no qualms regarding the wallet’s ability to store stuff and this is only improved by the zipper design that keeps all the items safe and secure within the wallet without fears of items falling out or going missing.

As previously mentioned the wallet comes in two sizes and although the smaller ‘compact’ version of the Waterifled can fit international currencies they also have a larger ‘international’ model that fits larger currencies better. The Wallet can get quite large if you do decide to store additional larger items such as tech items getting to a point where the wallet might not be able to fit comfortably in the pocket if you decide to store larger items (like tech items). 

Price Tag

The wallet comes in at a very affordable price tag of between $25.00 – $39.00. The variations of price are dictated by the type of material you choose. The Nylon and Canvas wallets will set you back the lower price of $25.00 while the $39.00 Waterfield wallet is for the full grain version. Both are fantastic little wallets and are both very affordable for the price available for all regardless of budget. Worst wallet exists at much higher price tags and with the fantastic brand Waterfield has built I have no doubt they could have charged more for this wallet. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed using both versions of the Waterfield Micro Wallet. They offer a great array of functionality in a great simple design being made from great high-quality materials. My preference is for the leather version as I think the premium material suits the wallet far more along with creating a more durable wallet. Nevertheless, the other versions are both great – with the same features at the end of the day – and best for those people on a budget. For more information on the Waterfield Micro Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 


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