Tony the Ant Wallet Review

A Premium Horween Wallet from Ashland Leather

Ashland Leather was created by two long-term Horween tannery workers from Chicago Horween leather, as a tannery has a rich and fulfilling history, and is often renowned as one of the most premium leather tanneries in the world. Because of this, Ashland, low the only use this time and tested all in leather. So you can guarantee forever. In terms of quality and durability that is likely to last a lifetime. This is clearly shown by Ashland Leather’s amazing lifetime guarantee on all products on its website.

The wallet, we’re going to be reviewing today is called the Tony the Ant Wallet. This wallet has a very classic and vintage design, incorporating a traditional bifold style appearance. If you’re looking for a wallet that has quality, and that traditional vintage design, this is a great pick as it brings that traditional look and feel, brought into the modern age. In total, a wallet has four individual card slots that can hold up to 16 cards. I found that its best use is for two cards per slot for a total of eight. Like most bifolds on the back is a full-width cache law for easy storage and access to your bills. Keep in mind this wallet was designed for or US dollars only. So, larger banknotes, such as GBP, or EUROs, might not fit with higher bank denominations.

The wallet size is also worth mentioning the Tony that ant wallet coming in at 101 millimeters by 87 millimeters. This is actually considered on the smaller size when compared to other popular bifold wallets. These types of wallets are what I like to refer to as hybrid wallets. This is due to the fact that they’re small enough to not be felt in the pocket, and have a compact size. Yet, larger than most minimalist, wallets, allowing for better storage of cash and cards – a perfect in-between size.

Overall, the wallet just works. I recommend the Tony ban wallet for people who really want that vintage lock but also the fantastic guarantee and properties of Horween leather. Starting at a price tag of $105.00, and ranging up to $300.00, The Tony the Ant Wallet comes in a huge variety of different color options, including black, brown, English tan, and even some amazing Stark reds and greens, the wallet is a time and tested topic from Ashlyn Lova which won’t disappoint. For more information on the Tony the ant wallet by ash and lather, visit their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 83% 83%
  • Price 71% 71%



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