The Wallet Buckle Review

The Buckle Belt Wallet Hybrid

The Wallet Buckle is a unique take on the classic wallet, to say the least. Their founding was actually really interesting having been on Sharktank the popular investment show on TV. The idea is simple, forgo a typical wallet and store everything within a metal buckle placed within the safety of your belt. The buckle’s themselves are beautifully made, from a durable metal, and with a huge variety of cool designs to choose from (including an American Flag version or Camo).

The Wallet Buckle’s storage and how you access your cards, it’s very intuitive. In total the wallet buckle can hold up to 5 cards and are accessed through a simple slide and grab mechanism. This max capacity is going to be a little small for some people as most wallets on the market today can easily hold more than this (even most minimalist wallets). Wallet Buckle claims it can easily store banknotes. They suggest folding up your bills, place them between two cards (like and sandwich where the cash is the filling), and then slide them all in the wallet buckle. 

This does work, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a totally roundabout way of doing so and not intuitive to do at all. Access to cash requires you to take out both cards and then put them back, and it’s all just a bit of an over compilation and isn’t intuitive or an enjoyable experience to do so. It’s a shame they haven’t thought of a way around this like including a money clip on the back or something. 

Another note to add is the Wallet Buckle isn’t compatible with all wallets and only those who already own a snap-on belt. (I.e. a belt that has a removable clip). A typical belt, that most people have, will have the buckle fixed in place (non-removable) so the wallet buckle will be rendered useless with these belts. Luckily, Wallet Buckle does sell belts in their store but at a very high cost. Combine that with the cost of the Wallet Buckle itself (starting at $49.95) and you’ll be paying anywhere near $100.00 in total –  quite a lot for most people. 

Overall, I wasn’t completely won over by the Wallet Buckle. It works well enough, but the tiny storage, the lack of dedicated cash storage, and the fact removal of cards are finicky, to say the least, leaves a lot to be desired. I do love the security aspect of the Wallet Buckle and that’s something I think would be best for those who travel a lot and want a slimline alternative to a fanny pack (or a bumbag as we call them in the UK). This is all further dampened by the fact the Wallet Buckle starts at a price tag as starting at what I consider a high price of $49.95 (and can range as high as $200 for some versions). 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 75% 75%
  • Price 65% 65%



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