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Today we’ll be reviewing a very popular wallet and one of the best sellers in the last few months, The FlyHawk Wallet. There are few reasons why we decided to review this wallet and most important is popularity and great customer impressions as shown by its excellent rating on Amazon. The wallet itself is in a classic bifold design with few interesting features and an interesting choice of leather which we’ll discuss more later. One of the reasons why we choose this wallet for review is because it has everything that should most people need in a wallet including style, quality leather, enough slots, durability, and probably most important for customers affordable price. Let’s see what this interesting wallet can offer you. 

TL;DR – Quick Summary

FlyHawk Wallet is a great wallet for regular users. The type of this wallet is bifold and it is the most common type of men’s wallet. Quality, durability, slots, produce are high level. The price is a little bit higher but currently, it is on sale so you can get it very cheap. It is one of the most popular wallets in the last few months and continues to sell on Amazon. My own issue is the choice of leather which although has a nice look and feel to it, is only Genuine Leather bringing into question how durable it is and how long it will last. It is very comfortable in the pocket and secures with the latest RFID protection. Great value based on price and quality.


Look & Design

In my opinion, design is one of the most important characteristics of every wallet among with durability, size, and price. The design of this wallet is very simple yet very stylish and very usable on every occasion. The main material is leather, most specifically, Genuine Cowhide Leather. On the first inspection, the leather is very soft and it adapts to every pocket especially the back pocket. The Leather is also very flexible and thin so the wallet is very durable and slim. But that’s where the positives end. At the end of the day the FlyHawk Wallet is made from Genuine Leather, which, on the scale of quality, is one of the poorer grades. This mean’s the wallet is likely to degrade faster over time and be more prone to wear and tear – something important to keep in mind. 

Quality is also a very important thing that should be discussed when we are writing reviews. Well, I can only say good things about this wallet. Although, FlyHawk is not a known brand they made really good products and customers are very satisfied. Proof of quality is more than 80% of 5-star reviews on Amazon. It will surely last long without any damages because of very soft and quality leather, but over time (at least 1 year) I wouldn’t be surprised if the wallet needed replacing.


Functionality & Utility 

Inside of the wallet is 2 separated cash departments, 7 card slots, and 1 ID slot. In my opinion, there are enough slots for regular users 8 card slots(including ID) is standard for bifold wallets. There are 4 different colors available and each of them looks fine but it is up to you to decide which one fits your style. For a standard wallet with standard functionality, the FlyHawk Wallet does a great job of storing everything you need with decent access to cash and cards and a pleasant and functional layout. 

The thing that can bother some customers is dimensions. If you are not “used to” bifold wallets dimensions 4.7″ x  3.7″ could be a disadvantage to many. If you are looking for a more minimalist-sized wallet then this size could be more cumbersome and it does cause a large bulge in your pocket that is pretty uncomfortable for many. Another factor to consider is the lack of a coin pocket, which for many, is something that is a must and oftentimes forgotten about in many modern-day wallets. 

Finally, The FlyHawk Wallet also comes with RFID Protection. For those who don’t know, this security protocol is designed to protect your credit/debit cards against the crime known as ‘Card Skimming’. This prevents thefts from automatically activating the contactless payment technology in many modern cards, and blocks the signals potentially saving you money in the long run. It’s still open to debate how prevalent this crime is (it entirely depends on the country and how common the technology is) so make sure to do your research before considering a wallet simply for RFID Security.


Final Verdict

Overall, The FlyHawk Wallet is a mixed bag of good, standard and poor. When it comes to the wallet’s ability to store your belongings, whether it be cash or cards, the wallet excels and does a very typical job of doing so effectively. This is mainly thanks to it conforming to the industry standard ‘bi-fold’ style design that everybody knows and loves. Nevertheless, I can’t help but bring up the quality of the wallet yet again. Genuine Leather is something that continues to grind my gears, as it’s often advertised as being a luxury leather and is often not. In FlyHawk’s case, it’s not bad compared to others, but I can firmly say that over time the wallet is more prone to degrading and becoming worn out compared to higher quality alternatives. 

The FlyHawk Wallet comes in at a price tag of around $20.00. Overall, I’m fine paying that price for a wallet considering everything we’ve discussed. It is affordable for most and comes with a whole host of features that will suit most people’s needs. When you view the price in relation to the quality of the wallet then I don’t think it’s bad value and something more for someone looking for a solid affordable wallet. For more information on the FlyHawk Wallet check them out by clicking the link below. 


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