The Hunterson Wallet Review

An Affordable Magic Wallet

Hunterson is one of the few brands that utilize the Magic Wallet functionality of easy cash and card access. The Hunterson Wallet itself is aimed more at the general populous, boasting an affordable price tag, a huge variety of colors, and ample functionality. Hunterson also has a sustainably focused disposition having versions of each of their wallets made from a material called Pinatex. This odd-sounding material is actually made from pineapple leaves, taking and converting this previously wasted material and converting it into a strong, vegan-friendly, and PETA-approved material. Let’s now take a look at their most popular wallet, their Magic Wallet, and see how good it is. 

The Design of the Hunterson Magic Wallet is very simple. Designed in a bi-fold style the wallet is quite small in size (coming in at only 102 x 75 mm) with a very thin sizing at only  8 mm thick. Considering its size the wallet has great functionality as we’ll talk more about later. The wallet itself is made from softened Genuine Leather. Genuine leather itself is a fairly low-quality grade of leather actually ranking as one of the lowest grades, compared to say, full-grain leather. This does make the wallet look and feels fairly cheap, and I as with most Genuine Leather wallet’s I can’t imagine it will last as long as other wallets. That being said, the quality isn’t bad and compared to other genuine leather wallets I was quite impressed. Along with this, the wallet can be purchased in other materials including the previously mentioned Pineapple leather Pinatex. The Hunterson Wallet can also be purchased in a large array of different colors including more unique variations including pink, green and purple. 

The main reason you’d consider the Hunterson Wallet is down to its ‘Magic’ features for easy cash and card access. This way of accessing cash and cards is highly intuitive, using elastic bands to quickly shuffle between which credit/debits you want. The exact mechanism, and how it works, it’s hard to explain so I’ll leave you this video from Garzini that also uses this Magic Method that explains it better than I could. In total, the Hunterson wallet can store up to 8 cards spread across its 2 card slots on the back, 2 at the front (for quick access), and 4 inside. I actually found the wallet could hold more than advertised (up to 15), but the wallet does bulk out the more you store. Finally, the wallet does come with RFID security which means you can protect yourself from cyber crimes (more info on this here). 

Overall, the Hunterson Magic Wallet is a fine wallet, and given its more affordable price, starting at around $35.00, it reflects its use of lesser quality materials. The ‘Magic’ aspect of accessing cash and cards is never one to disappoint and combined with its generally good capacity of cash and cards (especially considering its smaller size) and RFID Shielding, makes it a good affordable price. For more information on the Hunterson wallet, and its full range, check out their official website by clicking the link below.

  • Functionality 78% 78%
  • Design 69% 69%
  • Price 70% 70%



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