The Vulkit Wallet Review

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Established in Hong Kong in 2015 Vulkit is a young and creative team dedicated to creating unique men’s apparel with a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. I first discovered the Vulkit brand when searching for the latest pop-up, also known as cascading, wallets on the market. 

The fantastic imagery and unique design really caught my attention and since then I’ve been on a journey to try and test the eclectic array of men’s wallets Vulkit has to offer. Let’s jump straight in and see what a Vulkit wallet can offer you. 

Vulkit Range of Wallets

What I like most about Vulkit is the great range of different styles of wallets they offer. They really don’t leave much to the imagination with a great array of wallets ranging from slimline cardholders to the more popular and innovative pop-up wallet. 

Their best seller is probably the Vulkit Sider Slider which combines beautiful athletics, a cascading card mechanism, and a range of quick access card slots for ease of use. Below are just a few other popular wallets in the Vulkit wallet offering and who they might be the right fit for:

Leather Bifolds: A range of leather Bifolds in varying sizes and prices.

Carbon Fiber Money Clip: Vulkit’s attempt at a modern minimalist wallet in a similar style to the popular Ridge Wallet

Cardholders: Slimmer-sized wallets made from a comfortable carry for people who tend to carry less.


Build Quality & Durability

Although I’m a big fan of the overall asthetic and design of Vulkit Wallets I was a little disappointed by the craftsmanship and quality of the materials used. All leather used by Vulkit is a simple PU Leather that is notoriously poor quality, being essentially a fake synthetic leather that doesn’t have the same look, feel, or durability to it. 

In many cases, the leather begins to degrade way too quickly, while the quality of the stitching and overall construction left a lot to be desired. With Vulkit’s wallets with metal components, I found the metal was a significantly quality than the leather which creates is weird to me and is completely counterproductive when creating a quality product.


If you’ve ever used a pop-up wallet then you’ll know that the mechanism that controls the release of your credit/debit cards is important to get right. There’s a big gap in quality when it comes to these pop-up devices that won’t be noticeable until you have them in your hands. In the case of Vulkit, they sit somewhere in the middle. The quality and ease of use when popping up your cards is good, but the button is made from plastic which takes away from a quality point of view. 

Price Tag

What I love most about Vulkit is its incredible affordability. When I look at the price of a wallet I always base it on its value for money. Even if a wallet isn’t the best if its price is accordingly to them I have no reason to overly criticize a wallet. In terms of Vulkit, I feel they have perfectly priced their wallets to a more affordable demographic will wallets starting at $14.99 and ranging up to $45.99


Features & Innovation

I was blown away by the sheer array of different features all of the Vulkit wallets had. With the sheer variety, you’ll definitely be able to find something that fits your exact needs whether it’s a slim cardholder that carries very little or a larger bi-fold with huge capacity. 

It’s the little details I enjoy the most and the great layout of all these wallets. Most bifolds have quick access slots available for easy access to cash and cards, and full-width cash slots for storing your bills flat. 

This all combined with various alterations of wallets with a pop-up mechanism makes each and every wallet unique, distinct while providing everything you need. I’d recommend browsing through their range and checking out some video unboxings first to see which is best for you.


Final Verdict

Overall I really liked the Vulkit array of wallets. Although I slated them pretty hard in terms of quality and craftsmanship that is to be expected from a range of wallets on the low end of the price spectrum. You can’t have everything for anything, and while they may have saved money by spending less on the quality of their materials, they have given back to the customer with a fair and more affordable price tag. 

Not only this but the actual designs and functionality of the wallets are fantastic, well thought out and a joy to use on a daily basis. I would recommend a Vulkit Wallet to anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly wallet, yet retains a high degree of modern functionality and design. For more information on all the wallets in the Vulkit range visit their official website using the link below. 


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