The Hardgraft Ta-Da! Wallet Review

The Good
  • Amazing use of materials including premium leathers, wools, and master craftsmanship to match.
  • Innovative cascading card design makes accessing your credit/debit cards very easy.
The Bad
  • The wallet can become quite bulky in part due to the design of the cascading card system.
  • It can only small a small number of cards (7 total) which isn’t a lot considering its larger size.
  • The price tag is very expensive ($170.00) probably outside of most people’s price range.

Hardgraft is a brand that I randomly stumbled upon when searching for wallets made in Italy with signature Italian leather. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with not only the sheer range of leather goods available (shoes, backpacks, etc…) but also the innovation that went into some of these distinctive leather wallets. The wallet I’m talking about is the Ta-Da wallet, a clever cascading or fanning wallet with a unique look (I think it looks like an accordion). 

What I love about Hardgraft is their use of wool, in combination with leather, in most of their products. It gives every and every product a unique look in combination with a stark contrast from the hard smooth leather, to the soft rough wool. Let’s take a closer look at what this wallet, and brand, has to offer. 


Look & Design

If there’s a wallet that stands out from the crowd that’s to its design then the Ta-Da wallet probably wins the prize. On the surface it probably looks like a typical leather bi-fold with an elasticated strap that fits around the wallet to keep it shut, secured, and tight. The quality of the wallet can’t be understated. I don’t think I’ve come across a brand like Hardgraft in a long time who have perfected their craftsmanship to such an incredible level from the build quality, rich colors, and premium materials.

The Ta-Da Wallet itself is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather (with wool inside) coming in at a medium-sized 52 x 26 x 20cm. This isn’t overly large but probably wouldn’t satisfy anyone looking for a minimalist wallet. Also, I found that the card storage mechanism (more on this below) can add quite a bit of bulk to the wallet making the wallet even bigger in some cases. Finally, the Hardgraft wallet is available in a small range of colors from brown, grey, and black. 


Functionality & Utility 

The mechanism for storing cards is what draws most people towards purchasing the Ta-Da wallet. It uses an innovative design that I’ve never come across before in a wallet and just goes to show the sheer dedication and innovative Hardgraft put in all their product designs. 

Cards are stored between separated sections and spread out along the inside of the wallet. When you decide to open the wallet the cards are automatically pushed outwards in a cascading fashion providing easy access to each card. It’s a really seamless process and makes accessing cards very simple with little to no effort. That being said, it does come with its downsides. With the way cards are spaced out it doesn’t utilize space very effectively. This can create some significant bulk to the wallet making it feel much larger in size. The wallet also doesn’t have that large of a capacity for credit/debit card storage given its larger size (max capacity of 7).

Finally, onto banknote storage. Physical cash can be stored on the outside of the wallet with a dedicated sleeve. Cash will have to be folded but the slot is tight and large enough for a high amount of notes. The wallet also comes with an elastic strap that fits around the outside of the wallet and keeps the wallet close when not in use and secure.


Price Tag

As a premium brand and using premium materials it’s no surprise the Ta-Da! Wallet comes in at a premium price. With a price tag of around $170.00, this is on the very upper high price range that will be outside of the budget for most people reading this. Do I recommend the wallet? That’s hard to say due to the price point. I think the wallet is great, but I’d be lying to myself if there weren’t plenty of cheaper wallets to choose from. The Hardgraft are all about their premium quality so if you have the money you could do a lot worse than this, or any other wallet, in their range.

Final Verdict

A lovely little wallet with an incredibly high standard of quality. The innovative card storage mechanism works to a satisfactory level but isn’t perfect. It has a smallish card capacity and the way it’s designed can add significant bulk to the wallet. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time using the Hardgraft Ta-Da! Wallet and look forward to using others from their range in the future. For more information on the Hardgraft Ta-Da! Wallet checks out their official website below. 


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