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The Vaultskin City Bi-Fold Wallet Review

Sometimes I’m surprised by a wallet of such simplicity. It’s not always I can find a wallet one which on the surface doesn’t seem like anything special, and say it’s one of the best wallets I used this year. But with Vaultskin City I can. 

Vaultskin – a small team based in London – is built on the idea of diverse expertise in their team and innovation. producing stylish and practical accessories (wallets & phone cases mainly) Valuskin believes that these products should simplify your movements and transactions during the day.

‘We combine a pursuit of excellence with usability and trendiness. Making a nice looking product is good, making one that is easy to use and works well is even better. That is always our goal. These have been our priorities since the beginning’. – Vaultskin

Look & Design

This medium-sized bi-fold goes everything you need in a small neat package with little you can really complain about. The first thing I noticed when I unboxed it was it’s fantastic to build quality. Its feel in the hand was amazing and its smooth luxury leather was easily noticeable compared to other wallets I’ve tried. Its springy dexterity and perfect size really shine and although it doesn’t look any different from hundreds of other wallets it doesn’t have too. 

Minimalism is the key with this wallet and that’s shown with how thin it is even when filled with cash and cards. Coming in at 77 x 98 x 10 mm (or 3.03 x 3.86 x 0.39 inches) the wallet isn’t as small as some minimalist wallets on the market but is a nice in-between size to provide ample functionality and storage along with downsizing from the traditional bulky bi-folds we’re used to seeing. 

The wallet only comes in a small range of colors but the colors are distinct and provide a nice variety for people with different tastes. This includes a dark brown, a lighter napper brown and black. 

Functionality & Utility 

Its functionality is also rather simple but is executed in a great way. With 4 well presented inside slots and one outside slot, the Vaultskin keeps minimalism at its core. Each of these is really easy to use and keep, and what I love is how Vaultskin keeps the money slot low and encapsulated on the outside of the design. This gives it a distinctive look but also makes the wallet easier to navigate and access your cards and cash. 

RFID functionality is also a great feature included in all Vaultskin Wallets. For those who don’t know this feature keeps your cards safe from contactless card crime. This is slowly becoming a must for all wallets to include as this type of crime is on the rise as more countries implement contactless payments.

The Valuskin City has a maximum capacity of 10 cards (8 in the dedicated card slots and 2 in the secret slot). This is a pretty great all-round capacity especially considering the size of the wallet. You can even fit 3 cards in some of the slots but it is a bit of a squeeze and I probably wouldn’t recommend it. 

Along with the 4 card slots on the inside, the wallet also has a secret slot located on the inside of the banknote sleeve. This is actually a really nice and ingenious way to add additional functionality to the wallet and works really nice for easy access. I’d recommend using this slot for your most used card as it feels the most natural when quickly taking out and putting back your cards. 

Great capacity for international currencies including British pounds and euros. This is what I look for with note sizing as although American Dollars are small in size, Euros can get increasingly bigger as you enter high note denominations. 

Final Verdict

I’ve been using the Vaultskin City for a little over 1 month now and I can’t believe how good it is. While being a great brand at an affordable price the Vaultskin takes what you know about modern minimalism and a traditional bi-fold and slim dunks them into one amazing wallet. The price tag is a fair $54.99, but its been on offer for a while at only $39.99 (as of January 2020). This isn’t overly expensive for what you get and I respect Vaultskin for keeping realistic and fair prices on all their wallet range. 

If you’d like more information regarding the City then click this link to view and buy one now. 


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