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Valhalla Wallet Review The Uniquely Designed

Valhalla Designs make some of the most unique minimalist wallets on the market today. With quirky designs and made from some fascinating materials, the range of wallets from Valhalla really needs to be explored to really capture the beauty each wallet encapsulates. Based in Eastern TN this small business is the brainchild and result of a single couple. 

Based on a minimalist ideology and with the values of creating a community, friends and lifelong relationships, the husband and wife duo at Valhalla Designs should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved and have really helped brighten up a very saturated wallet industry with something very unique & different. Let’s take a look at a few of Valhalla’s wallets on offer at the moment.

‘Our mission is simple and goes a little like this. We want to make life long customers and build lifelong relationships. We call our customers our “Nomad family”. This is not a quirky marketing strategy for us. We will treat you like a part of our family from day one. If you have 20 Nomad Wallets (and trust us some people have more than that) or if you buy one and never buy another. YOU are the reason WE are here, YOU are the motivation that pushes us to do more and be better’. 

Design & Functionality

Valhalla wallets offer a distinct look like no other. Made from stabilizing wood this makes the wallets incredibly durable and is what causes the distinct and unique patternation or patina look of the wallet. Buy using a range of different woods and techniques it allows each wallet to have a differing pattern. You can guarantee that no two wallets you purchase from Valhalla will be the same. This is what I like about the brand. Having that unique individual is something that attracts a lot of people and knowing that no other person has a wallet like yours is something special. 

In terms of the way this wood is turned into a wallet is quite simple. With each piece of wood, rubber bands are attached to the wallet and are used for your card and note storage. The use of rubber is great as it provides great friction between the wood and cards (to prevent them from falling out) along with being durable and replaceable if necessary. The wallets do work well in practice but they’re not the best. I found the rubber bands to be quite clumsy to use at times and do often need adjusting when on the move. Nevertheless, Valhalla is all about style and design so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this. They do the job and do it with style.

Valhalla Wallet Range

Color Bomb ‘Resin’ Nomad Wallet

Made from epoxy resin (I don’t know what this is) is an incredibly beautiful wallet. With its mixture of deep rich colors and metallic tinge, you can’t help but fall instantly in love with the Colour Bomb in all its glory. The Resin material also includes some advantages such as high durability and lightness.

Flamed Titanium Ragnarok Wallet

Another wallet with deep crazy color combinations. This metal wallet is made from Grade 2 Titanium then flame treated (because why the heck not). The Ragnarok also comes with bolt patterns as well as a bottle opener for all your drunken needs.

Lost at Sea Copper Wallet

Probably my favorite wallet from the collection. As someone who has always been a huge fan of Patina the “lost at sea” ticks all the boxes for me (no rhyme intended). While made from copper and with its deliberately worn look, this wallet really sums up the power design can have in solely influencing a decision to buy a wallet.

Price Tag

The Valhalla Range of wallets are incredibly affordable coming in at a variety of prices between $16.00 – $40.00. For me, given the uniqueness and quality of the wallets, this is a very fair and reasonable price and is probably indicative of the fact it’s a small business made up of only 2 people I have no doubt they could easily increase this price and people would still purchase the wallets.

Final Verdict

I’m a big advocate of the Valhalla range of wallets. I think they’re doing something unique in the industry and love they provide these unique wallets at such a low price. They are continually coming up with new and innovative designs and I don’t see them going anywhere in the future. Vahalla wallets are usually out of stock so keep an eye out if you’re thinking of purchasing one for your next EDC. For more information on Valhalla visit their official website by clicking the link below. 


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