The Tribe Wallet Review

A Minimalist Plate Wallet with a Premium Look

The Tribe Wallet is an affordable, yet premium-looking wallet that incorporates a minimalist size and attractive design. It’s designed in a plate system, two titanium pieces of metal, the size of a typical credit/debit card, hold your cards securely in between for a slimline everyday carry experience. Holding the plates together is an elastic strap that’s both good quality and highly flexible allowing for easier, yet secure, access to these cards. This is also where any physical banknotes (bills) would be store tucked underneath the strap. Keep in mind cash will have to be folded to size to fit correctly. 

In total, the Tribe Wallet can store up to 10 credit/debit cards, with a small amount of cash folded. Theoretically, the wallet can store more cards than this, but at the determinant to the size of the wallet. The more you store, the larger the wallets get. I’d recommend keeping cards to a minimum in a wallet such as this style. The Tribe Wallet comes in a range of premium or luxury colors including the likes of black, carbon fiber, and rose gold. It’s clear Tribe Wallet is trying to target a certain demographic with wallets that has a clean minimalist look.

One unique feature of the Tribe Wallet, not seen in other similar wallets, is its design that allows the wallet to prop up or is used as a stand or your smartphone. It does require your wallet to hold at least 5 cards, but it’s a nice innovative take that shows the clever design of the wallet. Overall, I found the Tribe Wallet one of the better plate system wallets on the market. It’s got an affordable price tag (coming in at $69.99 reduced from $99.00), a great overall unique look and design, and fairly quality use of materials (made from titanium). For more information on the Tribe Wallet check out their official website using the link below.

  • Functionality 64% 64%
  • Design 77% 77%
  • Price 72% 72%


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