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The A-Slim Kumo Wallet Review

The Kumo wallet is a nice minimalist wallet that helps you travel light while securing your cards, ID, and cash. The wallet is one of the essential accessories for everyone. The wallet helps store cards, IDs, and cash. It is also a fashion accessory for stylish people as you can use it to enhance your look.

The Kumo wallet ticks all these above-listed boxes I can assure you. When my Kumo wallet arrived, I was unsure of a lot of things concerning its quality. However, after I started using it, I fell in love with this beautiful minimalist wallet. It is the perfect choice for me as it helps me carry cards and cash safely everywhere I go. Now, let’s that an in-depth look into why I fell in love with this lovely minimalist wallet. 

The perfect choice for when you wish to carry cards and cash in a smaller and slimmer silhouette. The Kumo cash, card, and ID wallet combine form and function, offering two quick access card slots, a stackable larger card slot, middle compartment for cash (or more cards), and a rear ID window. This small RFID blocking cash and cardholder packs a big punch!

Look & Design

When I first got the a-slim Kumo wallet, I didn’t know how good the leather was. However, since I started using it, I found that it is made from strictly premium leathers with four plies viscous thread, which makes it so durable. The leather is a natural full grain leather hide that has been beautifully designed.  

One thing about the leather, though, is that it develops a patina after a while and can also get scratches and scars. It comes in three different colors – the blue and air force blue, the steel blue and mustard yellow, and the raw tan. Mine came in the blue and air force blue color, and I loved it. I would have loved a zipper on the outer card slots in case I get caught under the rain, but it doesn’t come with one.

Functionality & Utility 

The Kumo wallet doesn’t house as many cards as some other minimalist wallets I have used; however, its durability is what has pleased me. Its card capacity is just eight cards; it has three card slots and an ID window at the back. Its central pocket helps secure small cash, as there is no bill pocket specially reserved for that. The RFID blocking is a sweet feature that I like so much, as it keeps my cards safe from wireless theft.

I must point out how quickly I access my cards as the card slots are easily accessible, which saves me a whole lot of time. If you are someone like me that doesn’t like to take out his ID from the wallet when needed, the rear ID window will get your attention like it got mine. You get to show off your ID straight from the wallet without having to remove it.

Final Verdict

One of the things I should mention is the packaging it comes in, which is quite beautiful and can be used as a gift. The Kumo wallet cost £29.99, which is about $39. It is good for everyone that doesn’t carry as many cards around and infrequent need to ID. 

For more information on the A-Slim Kumo wallet visit the A-Slim website by clicking the link below. We are also an official retailer of Andar wallets so make sure to check our store out.


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