The Kinzd Slim Wallet Review

The Good
  • Good size for minimalist lovers. 
  • Comes in a decent range of colors. 
  • A very affordable price tag at around $8.99.
  • Can be bought on Amazon through Prime for fast and free shipping.
The Bad
  • The quality of the leather is poor being made from genuine leather (one of the worst quality grades on the market).
  • The general craftsmanship is poor. It’s clear this wallet was mass-produced with little care for quality control.

Today, we’ve got another popular wallet from Amazon that breaks conventions by being priced very low compared to most wallets on the market. Kinzd is actually a website, similar to this one in fact, that has amassed a great variety of content regarding wallet reviews and articles. With success, they’ve now gone onto creating their own store with a small range of popular wallets along with branching out into personal, tech, and business goods.

Founded in 2012 Kinzd set out with one goal – to create the perfect men’s wallet. Kindz wanted to find a compromise between good quality and affordability than not many companies get entirely right. Too often or not, wallets are either so cheap they fall apart within weeks or too expensive to even consider. Kinzd considers themselves a middle man and has gone on to develop over 25 styles of men’s wallets. 


Look & Design

The Kindz Slim is designed in a flat cardholder style form that buys most of its emphasis on being incredibly slim with all of its features crammed in a small area. Literally, every aspect of the wallet is utilized in some way for storage whether that be credit/debit cards or cash. This gives the wallet a fairly unattractive and cluttered look in my opinion. One thing we must mention is the wallet’s material. This wallet is made from Napa genuine leather.  For those who don’t know Genuine leathers, contrary to the enticing name, is one of the worst types of leathers on the market. 

Brands tend to mislead consumers quite often with the use of genuine leather and I’m disappointed to say Kindz are no different in this regard. In daily use, I found the leather just to be poor quality, overly thin, and nothing special to use and hold. The stitching was okay but some areas of the wallet were better than others. I’m not sure whether I was unlucky but there seems to be a lack of quality control with the Kinzd Slim. For more information on leather types and what you need to know about purchasing a high-quality wallet read our full article on the subject here. 

Finally, The Kinzd Slim is available in a small but fairly attractive range of colors. These include standard colors such as black and brown but also more unique options like blue and even pink.


Functionality & Utility 

The Kinzd Slim Wallet will probably have you checking your pockets a few times throughout the day due to its small and extremely slim design. You don’t even really feel this thing in your pocket with its unbelievable thin profile coming in at just 0.3cm thick. Considering the Kinzd Slim Wallet has six card slots, an identification card window, and a money pocket, the wallet is a good size with ample functionality for people who want a smaller sized wallet and have a tendency to carry less with them on a daily basis. 

On one side of this wallet, you have three slots for cards and one of those slots has a clear face which is just perfect for your driver’s license, school, work, or any picture identification card. You also have a thumb opening that allows you to easily slide the front card out of the pocket. On the other side, you have three card slots and two additional slots off to the side that could be used for money, receipts, or things of that nature.

Finally, the wallet does come with RFID Protection which is becoming a staple among wallet brands today. RFID is a security measure that prevents people from stealing your money through contactless card fraud. It’s open to debate whether or not RFID is a big issue or even nessacary in a wallet but its nice to have none the less. 


Price Tag

The $8.99 price tag on the Kinzd Slim Wallet is no surprise as the quality of the wallet reflects this price tag. I wouldn’t normally complain about this price as it is much cheaper than most wallets I review. But I honestly can’t justify myself recommending this wallet as it falls short on so many things as we’ll explain further below. 

Final Verdict

The wallet is okay. Not great to be honest. What really appeals to people considering the Kinzd slim wallet is its attractive price tag. The wallet does a fine job with its variety of slots for good credit/debit card capacity and okay room for cash. Unfortunately, the wallet falls short in many ways including its poor build quality and poorer leather type (genuine leather). This makes me question how well the wallet will last over prolonged use and I’m not entirely sure (I only used it for 1 month in daily use). Having used many of these poorer types of wallets, ones that usually are exclusively sold on Amazon only, they tend to have poor quality and degrade faster than most wallets. 

That being said the wallet is one of the most popular on Amazon and has a 95% approval rating on its own official website. It seems people’s priorities in a wallet can differ wildly and in my case, I’ve probably tried too many wallets for my own good. For more information on the Kinzd Slim wallet check out the wallet on Amazon by clicking the link below. 


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