The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Buy…

Does a Wallet Like This Truly Exist?

The idea of a wallet being strong, durable, or built well enough to last a lifetime is something brands have been shouting about since the basic concepts of marketing begin. It makes sense, if a wallet is built to last someone forever then they’ll that person should never need to search for a wallet ever again. It basically takes that person of the market and makes them an owner of your wallet for life.

But does such a wallet exist, or is it simply marketing jargon, empty works simply trying to get your business? In all honestly, the idea a wallet could last a lifetime is ludicrous. Don’t get me wrong, many household items can last a long time with proper care – the likes of the Subreddit ‘Buy it for life’, has proven that. But that really assumes a lot. It assumes the person caring for the product is sensible and will look after it. It assumes that disaster won’t strike and your wallet isn’t fallible to being run over or soaked in a vat of acid.

They say that any given wallet could be the last wallet you’ll ever own’’ is nothing more than an empty promise and to think otherwise could even lead people to be more frugal with how they treat and care for their everyday items. The other issues revolve around the brands that claim this. 9/10 wallet brands I’ve stumbled across that claim this fact are actually the wallets that, in all honestly, aren’t even close to the quality required to make such a statement. So be careful with brands trying to lure you in and proclaim promises they can’t keep. 

That being said, wallets do exist on the market that is of the highest quality. Wallet’s that could last a very long time (we’re talking decades maybe) as long as you take care of the wallet. These are the wallets you’ll want to consider when looking for the elusive ‘last wallet you’ll ever own’’ type. To help further narrow down potential wallets that might fit the bill for you. 

What options are available?

Metal wallets are a likely candidate, but small parts (screws and the wallets construct) are likely to still be liable to breakages. Leather Wallet’s are probably your best bet, so long as you understand leather grades and the different types of leather on the market. Your best option is probably full-grain leather that is known for its durability and long-lasting disposition. Finally, wallets made from seamless, plastic-like materials are on the rise. The likes of Dyneema or the wallets provided from Pioneer (that use a unique combination of ultra high-molecular-weight-polyethylene and nylon). Below are just a few wallets that we think could fit the bill for wallets that ‘could’ last a very long time. 

Saddleback Leather

Popov Leather

Pioneer Carry

The Johnny Wallet

Giveaway Results April 2021

Giveaway Results April 2021

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