Shinola Wallet Review

A Premium Wallet Brand from Detroit

Shinola is a brand I’m glad exists. Only having been created back in 2011, the company exists with a commitment to crafting products built to last and operate an in-house watch and leather factory right within the city of Detroit. Full disclosure, Shinola Wallets aren’t exactly cheap. As a self-proclaimed luxury design brand, with this previously mentioned emphasis on quality and design, you can expect to pay higher prices than most other wallet brands on the market today. 

Shinola offers a great array of men’s leather wallets to choose from. With over 30+ different designs to choose from you’ll be hard not to find wallets that are both high quality, but actually have immense diversity in functionality. Although I won’t be reviewing any single wallet from their range I will be looking at them all as a whole. Whether you’re looking for a bifold, minimalist sized wallet, or even one with a money clip Shinola has you covered. My favorite in their range is their Split Money Clip Wallet. While not forgetting its overwhelming quality, the wallet has a beautiful slim design with an included magnetic money clip on the back that keeps your cash secure. 

High-quality leather is the name of the game with Shinola. Depending on the wallet you choose Shinola uses the likes of Vachetta Leather, a full-grain thick hide leather, along with a variety of other premium leathers including heritage leather and luxe gain leather (that has an amazing texture)! These leathers look, smell, and feel high quality and have a distinctive texture and all develop a wonderful unique leather patina overtime. 

Starting at a price tag of $125.00 and ranging as high as $225.00 the Shinola wallet range isn’t cheap. That being said, you get what you pay for. I’ve reviewed many ‘designer’ brands in the past, and not many exude the same quality and craftsmanship that Shinola has. I find each of their wallets everything you want from a great leather wallet, the main factor most is whether you’re willing to pay that little bit extra? I’ll leave that up to you. For more information on Shinola Wallet’s check out their full range using the link below. 

  • Functionality 79% 79%
  • Design 84% 84%
  • Price 63% 63%



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