The Red Wing Card Holder Wallet Review

The Good
  • A highly desirable brand. Guaranteed quality and the highest level of craftsmanship. Also is a great price tag.
  • Made from amazing leather from a tannery that dates back to the 19th century.
  • Over time the Red Wing develops a beautiful patina that looks amazing and unique.
The Bad
  • The capacity might be a tad small for many people. This cardholder style wallet is meant for minimalists and can’t store high amounts of cash or cards.

You might know Red Wing best for its incredible range of leather boots known for their incredible quality and durability. Red Wing themselves have a long history dating back to 1905 when a Minnesota shoe merchant realized the need for reliable footwear suitable for demanding work such as mining, logging, and farming. Since then, Red Wing has continued going from strength to strength cementing itself as one of the most respected leather brands in the world.

But the story doesn’t stop there, Red Wing has continued to innovate and expanded its range beyond just shoes. This includes the likes of leather belts, gloves, socks, and of course wallets. Today we’re going to be looking at the Red Wing Card Holder Wallet one of the most popular wallets in their range. 


Look & Design

The first thing we must discuss is Red Wing’s choice of leather used in all Red Wing products. Made from Oro Russet Frontier Leather, a traditional vegetable-tanned leather, that has incredible quality and a beautiful texture. The leather is sourced from Hermann Oak’s tannery in Missouri, founded in 1881 and a trusted partner of Red Wing Heritage. 

When in daily use, leather of this quality is renowned for developing a beautiful patina over time and is one of the best indicators of quality leather. After only 1 month of using the Red Wing Wallet, I found the leather had begun to develop a shine, along with new and beautiful patterns and colors coming through. Depending on the color of leather you choose (choice of 4 colors including Black, Red, Yellow & Brown) will dictate how visible or prominent this patina will be. 

The Red Wing wallet itself is designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind. The Card Holder comes in at just 4″ X 3.125″ making it only slightly larger than a credit/debit card with a thin profile for an easy none bulky feel in your pocket. If you’re looking for a wallet with more capacity or a larger design then Red Wing also has other options available including their Trucker Wallet, Classic Bi-Fold, or even Passport Wallet.


Functionality & Utility 

As previously mentioned, The Red Wing Card Holder isn’t exactly known for its huge array of features. At its core, the wallet is made for those people who want to carry less with them and streamline their everyday carry to the max. The wallet has 5 distinct card slots in total, two on each side of the wallet, and a slightly larger one at the very top. 

At its max, the Redwing wallet can store up to 8 cards if you decide to store 2 cards in each slot. When I first unboxed the wallet the card slots were very tight a common trait among quality leather wallets such as the Red wing. Over time, as you use the wallet more, the wallet will be ‘broken in’ and the card slots expand overtime. Don’t be scared if when you first use the wallet its max capacity is only around 4 cards. Finally, the Redwing’s final slot at the top is used to store your banknotes or bills. This slot can accommodate around 3 – 4 bills easily, but they will have to be folded into a smaller size


Final Verdict

You can’t really fault the quality of the Red Wing range of wallets. They have a history and reputation and having used the wallet for over a month I can confirm its quality in craftsmanship and durability. As a premium brand I personally think the wallet is fairly priced, coming in at $49.99, especially when compared to other highly sort after designer or leather manufacturers. I think this wallet is best suited for people who know they want a minimalist wallet and are looking for a wallet that will last them forever. For more information on the Red Wing Card Holder Wallets, and to discover their full range, check them their website using the link below. 


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