The Nutsac Clipster Wallet Review

Thin Bifold with a Innovative Clip System

The Nutsac Clipster Wallet is an unusual bifold with an integrated money clip. The wallet is designed by the Nutsac brand that develops an array of everyday carry items such as bags, laptop cases, and of course wallets. The Clipster is the most popular wallet in their range thanks to its classic yet innovative take on the bi-fold style. This is down to how it holds its cash along with its minimalist design yet great capacity. 

The leather of the Clipster Wallet is made from a fantastic, soft, and supple full-grain leather sourced from a tannery in New England. The leather has been buffed, sanded, and chrome tanned and is very thick and durable. I loved the leather on initial unboxing and it’s clear the craftsmanship and quality are very high with the Clipster Wallet. The Clipster is also available in a small yet elegant array of colors including Oxblood (a dark brown) and black both having a vintage look to them. 

The Clipster Wallet is what I’d consider Ultra-thin coming in at just 4.3/8” x 3.1/4” x 0.25”. Its thin profile means it’s incredibly good at not being felt in the pocket, reducing bulk and potentially minimizing back issues if you enjoy storing your wallet in a back pocket. The wallet has a decent capacity being able to store between 9 – 12 credit/debit cards split among 3 card slots. Each slot is spaced out nicely with a nice fit so your cards won’t fall out. On the opposing side of the wallet is this innovative Internal money clip. This uses a metal clasp that protects and secures your cash under a thin flap of leather (dubbed as a privacy flap). 

Coming in at a price tag of $69.00 I find considering the quality of the wallet, its impressive design, and great storage capacity I’d have no issues paying the slightly higher price tag for a wallet like this. The Clipster is also rated highly among other reviewers and has over 130 positive 4 to 5-star reviews on their site. For more information on the Nutsac Clipster Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 73% 73%
  • Design 71% 71%
  • Price 60% 60%



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