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Mr. Lentz Leather Biker Wallet Review

Mr. Lentz has always been a brand I’ve been interested in. Not only do they create unique and high-quality wallets but they also reflect everything I like about handmade American appeal. A lot of Mr. Lentz’s offering also includes a chain. Now I’ve in the wallet game for quite some time now and if one thing is clear chain wallets are increasingly uncommon and rare and most brands – if any – include any sort of chain in their wallet range.

Nevertheless, Mr. Lentz has gone against this and provides a huge variety of wallets – with chain – which constantly make me doubt my own hatred for chain wallets. For me, chains just get in the way. But I do appreciate what they do offer in terms of added security and also as a bonus fashion accessory. We’ll get more into this later.

Based in Colorado they really go with the cowboy aesthetic with their range and brand and that is reflected in everything they say, do and produce. The brand feels genuine and if the huge position reviews that Mr. Lentz has had anything to go off this wallet is going to be a treat.   

‘Mr. Lentz chose the finest materials – solid brass hardware, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from the oldest and best U.S. Tannery, hand-made leather conditioners with all-natural materials. He built his own products from the ground up, designing, cutting, dying, oiling, waxing, assembling, branding, stamping, riveting, and buffing until each one was just the way it ought to be’.

Look & Design

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the Biker wallet was the smell. It’s apparent immediately that the quality of this wallet shines and is a great indicator of high-quality leather (full-grain). This also is apparent with the thickness of the leather of the wallet. If you’ve ever had a cheap wallet made from bad quality leather (remember genuine leather is the second-worst grade of leather) then the difference in quality is mind-boggling. 

The wallets look is also extenuated by the inclusion of high-quality metal accents across the biker wallet including a clip to attach the optional chain, or the buttons to secure the wallet shut. One thing to note is this wallet doesn’t use any stitching at all but uses these mentioned metal buttons across the wallet to hold it all together. 

Three colors are available and each has a distinct look and quality which the leather grain really shining through. This includes a dark brown (the one I got), lighter tan color and a darker black color. Each has its own look and I’m sure you’ll find a color you like.

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is split into 2 sections. The first is the main area where you store your physical banknotes. As this is one of the smaller wallets in the Mr. Lentz range the notes will have to be folded to fit correctly. The second is where you store all your cards. Cards are not arranged in individual pockets but stacked upon each other. I know this isn’t the most functional way of storing cards (stacked cards tend to be more difficult to access and put away) but for its size, I’ll let them off this time. 

As mentioned earlier one unique feature of Mr. Lentz’s wallets is the inclusion of a chain with every wallet. Mr. Lentz provides you with the optional of 5 distinctly different types of chains from a thin light way one to a full split ring leather chain. I’ve never been a fan of using a chain with my wallets but its a lovely added bonus and the fact it’s free with every wallet I can’t really complain. A great unique feature not seen in other wallet brands.

Mr. Lentz also provides some optional personalization options for every wallet in its range. For an optional added price you can have your name or initials stamped on the leather (extra $16) or even a brand logo (extra $26). Mr. Lentz also stamps every wallet with a unique sequentially stamped number which refers to the unit number in the manufacturing process. This is a nice plus for me as it provides some uniqueness to the wallet.

Final Verdict

The Mr. Lentz Leather Biker Wallet is a fantastic little wallet that gets most of its charm from its distinct look, high-quality feel, and materials. The best thing of all is the price tag. Usually, you have to pay through the ear to get a wallet of this quality but Mr. Lentz offers the Biker wallet for as little as $74.00. The wallet also comes with a 100-year warranty and a free tin of leather conditioner to keep your wallet pristine for years to come.

For more information on the Biker wallet and the other wallets in the Mr. Lentz range check out their website by clicking the link below.


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