Mindbendr Redux Evo Wallet Review

Metal, Carbon Fiber & Minimal

The Redux Evo wallet by Mindbendr is a unique wallet considered halfway between a typical wallet and a cardholder. Mindbendr is a small company founded in Australia by a team of designers. Embracing technologies found in aerospace, aviation, and motorsport racing they produce a range of products including leather goods, pens, and a huge variety of wallets. With this inspiration in mind, Mindbendr has quite a distinct look with a focus on materials such as carbon fiber and sticking to the color black for the majority of their goods. Today we’re going to be talking about their most innovative wallet in their collection – the Redux Evo wallet. 

Look & Design

With a minimalist size of only 86mm x 55mm x 15mm the Mindbendr does a great job of keeping everything nice and compact. In the pocket, the wallet isn’t overly bulky thanks to this, and has a nice feel. Speaking of its body the Redux Evo is made from a 5052 Industry-Grade Aluminium and Carbon Fibre. There’s no doubt the wallet is incredibly high quality and the brushed metal is strong and the carbon fiber yet not overdone. The carbon fiber itself doesn’t add anything to the wallet except for aesthetics value. Finally, the inside of the wallet is lined with velvet which is a unique choice of material. It helps protect the outside of your cards and allows for a smoother feel when sliding in and out your cards. 

Functionality & Utility

The wallet is said to store up to 10 cards in a stacking system to maximize space, although I found it was a little squeeze, especially for embossed cards. A small groove or cut out in the body of the wallet allows for easier access, although the wallet isn’t the easiest to access cards. Cash is stored on the outside reverse side of the wallet in an included money clip. While made from metal the money clip has a good amount of capacity for notes (around 4 – 8 folded). 

Final Verdict

At a price tag of $159.00 (currently on offer at $129.00), the Mindbendr Evo wallet is a little pricey for most people including me. That’s not to say the wallet isn’t good or doesn’t have its own advantages, but I don’t think the wallet is that much better, compared to cheaper alternatives, to warrant charging this price. As always it is down to the individual if you’re willing to pay the price tag. For more information on the Redux Evo wallet check out their official by clicking the link below. 

  • Functionality 66% 66%
  • Design 78% 78%
  • Price 58% 58%



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