The Lemur Original Fold Wallet Review

The Lemur Fold is an innovative leather wallet that really encompasses the premium feel of traditional materials. In principal the wallet couldn’t be more simple. Made from a single vegetable-tanned sheet of leather the Lemur Fold is creative and innovative and is a wallet made from people looking for a classy look in a minimalist size.

With the Lemur Fold, you literally have to fold the wallet yourself as the leather is delivered unfolded in a flat design. You basically have to assemble it yourself like a piece of Ikea furniture. Some might say ‘why should I pay more for something I have to assemble yourself’? That’s a fair comment, but I saw it more as a design feature. Also, keep in mind it’s incredibly easy to assemble and takes less than 1 minute once you know what you’re doing. 

Look & Design

The Lemur Fold is an elegant design. Resembling other brands like the Wingback Wallet its focus on minimalism and simplicity is a breath of fresh air in a cluttered marketplace. The wallet serves a purpose of premium and exclusively and that’s reflected in both the idea of constructing it yourself and the underlying philosophy of Lemur. Their brand ideology states:

‘We work on different collections each related to a specific challenge we decide to undertake. Our first collection FOLD brings great quality leather and handcraft into an affordable level, delivering full functionality while proudly keeping the production in the studio’s home country. This collection represents our vision of what these ordinary objects can become’.

It also comes with a sleek metal clip to hold the wallet together which adds to the overall aesthetics of the wallet. The wallet is made out of top full-grain leather. This was immediately apparent on the initial unboxing as the intoxicating smell of leather filled the room. It’s also worth noting that the wallet needed ‘breaking in’ much like you’d do with a new pair of leather boots. 

The Lemur Wallet also comes in a nice range of colors including Natural (brown), Cognac, Black, and red. I bought the more traditional brown version and after only 1 month of daily use, the leather has begun to develop the most beautiful patina a fantastic trait and bi-product of premium quality leathers.

Functionality & Utility 

If the Lemur Fold lacks in any aspect it’s its functionality or features. The wallet only has room for a maximum of around 8 cards and any notes would need to be folded and stored in the same place as your other credit or debit cards.  

Daily use is actually much more pleasant than I thought it would be. The clip really makes the wallet feel Hardy and secures everything in a tight package. This gave peace of mind that the wallet wasn’t just going to spring open unintentionally. After some breaking in the Lemur quickly becomes more malleable and easier to traverse cash and cards at a faster speed. 

The wallet also tries it’s best at being able to store coins. When the wallet’s closed it creates a kind of pocket while enables you to put coins in. Although the coins still jangle about because of the clip locking mechanism it actually works rather effectively which is a big plus. 

Final Verdict

Coming in at a price tag of $60.00 that wallet is fairly affordable for such a premium leather wallet. It’s a great size and decent functionality makes it a great allrounder and I thoroughly enjoyed assembling the wallet like the joy of building a lego set. For more information on the Lemur Fold wallet and there other range of goods check out their website by clicking the link below.


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