The Kobra Kydex Wallet Review

An Innovative Kydex Made Wallet

Kobra Kydex is primarily known for its range of gun holsters with a huge array for all your ‘shooty shooty’ needs. Nevertheless, they have expanded their collection to a range of other products including their Kydex Wallet. But what exactly is Kydex? Kydex is a unique thermoplastic material that has a wide range of applications mainly used in building work, aviation, and media devices to name but a few. But due to its incredible properties including being both durability, flexibility, and affordability. Unlike other similar materials (carbon fiber comes to mind) Kydex is reasonably cheap to produce so you can gain many benefits from such material without having to pay an arm or a leg.

In terms of design, the Jobra Kydex wallet is designed with minimalism in mind. Being made in a cardholder style the Kobra wallet is actually available in different sizes to meet your individual card capacity. This includes 3 variations from 5-7 cards, 7-9 cards, and its largest capacity 10-14 cards. The Kydex wallet has an easy access point at the bottom (a cutout in the material) that allows you to better slide and access your cards. Along with this, the back of the wallet also has an optional (but free) money clip on the back. This is obviously used for storing any banknotes or paper items and works great. 

There’s no doubt the Kydex material is beautiful and of high quality in nature. It has a look and feel of carbon fiber and if you’ve used this before is not at all a bad thing. The actual craftsmanship is also on point being one-piece constructed. This means no seams, stitching, or any evidence of how it was put together giving better durability and a most likely longer-lasting wallet. Finally, Kobra also offers a huge array of color options to choose from. These include many odd colors including pink, neon green, and yellow (some colors actually cost $5.00 extra). 

Overall, the Korba Kydex Wallet is yet another beautiful example of the huge range of unique wallets on the market today. Kydex really shone with its unique properties and I truly believe the wallet could last a very long time with proper care. The Korba Kydex is available at a very affordable price tag of $34.99 (option extras like RFID cost extra) which in my mind is cheap. For more information on this unique Kydex wallet check out Kobra Gears’ official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 69% 69%
  • Design 77% 77%
  • Price 81% 81%



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