Kings Loot Traditional Wallet Review

The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Buy

I first stumbled upon Kings Loot when doing research on wallets that could potentially ‘last a lifetime. Although I’m of the opinion that no single wallet can last an entire life, Kings Loot was the only brand that came close, mainly thanks to its unique warranty that enables free replacements for life in the event your wallet starts to degrade or becomes damaged. Because of this, I had to try the Kings Loot Traditional Wallet myself and the more I looked into this unique brand the more I grew to love it. In total, Kings Loot has everything going for it. A fantastic luxury brand, high-quality wallets, the above-mentioned lifetime warranty, and a customer base that’s provided thousands of positive reviews. As of today, Kings Loot has amassed over 1,200 reviews with a 99% customer satisfaction rating – amazing to say the least.

The Kings Loot story is quite inspiring and one of commitment and dedication to what can be achieved with just an idea. Stemming is the brain chain of a single man, Joshua, his idea was to create a wallet with style and functionality, in tandem, while also providing value for customers. With just a sewing machine and hours of watching YouTube tutorials, his perfect wallet was realized with his wife and children helping alongside. Today, Kings Loot is a fast-growing brand and continues to challenge the status quo in innovation and ingenuity. 

Back in March I took the plunge and purchased one of their wallets for myself and have been using it for a little over 3 months now. With this in mind, I feel like I’m ready to provide a full review of the Kings Loot Traditional Wallet and provide you with my opinion as to whether it’s the right wallet for you. Let’s get started. 

Look & Design

The most popular wallet in The Kings Loot range is their Traditional Wallet. The wallet itself has a timeless look, using a leather bifold design that, to this day, is still the most popular choice of wallet around the world. The Kings Loot Traditional wallet itself is made from classic and vintage Top Grain Leather that both has a fantastic look, feel, and texture. The hide of the leather is very thick which provides a more robust and durable wallet making it last longer and be more suited to tackling the daily strains that using a wallet daily comes with. Kings Loot also provides a great array of standard and eclectic color offerings to choose from. This includes popular color options such as Brown and Black, but also variations such as blue, grey, and even red. 

In terms of size, The Kings Loot Traditional Wallet has very nice sizing. Coming in at 1.27 x 9.9 x 6.6 cm the wallet is sized to be smaller in size, yet not overly small as to inhibit the functionality and usability of the wallet. I refer to these wallets as ‘hybrid’ wallets, as they fit somewhere in between a larger style and a more minimalist style. I have a preference for these wallets as they keep things slim, compact, and comfortable to carry, while still retaining a great array of features that usually get forgotten when you choose a more minimalist-sized wallet. 


Functionality & Utility 

The Kings Loot Traditional Wallet really shines with its great array of features that combines both traditional means of storage and more modern technological and innovative advances suited to the modern age. In total, the wallet can store anywhere between 8 – 10 cards at its max. These card slots are strategically placed and arranged in a very pleasing and easy-to-access manner with then being placed on the outside edges of the bifold. This means to access any credit/debit cards you don’t even need to open the wallet up, as cards can be easily accessed from whatever position you hold the wallet in. A cutout in the leather, and a quick access pull tab, provide a better and more intuitive way to access cards with a slide upwards of a thumb or a pull of a tab. One of these card slots also doubles as an ID Card Slot, allowing you to easily show any identification or employee ID card without having to fumble about.

When you open up the Bifold you’re met with a metal money clip running right down the middle of the wallet. This money clip is made from aluminum, is strong, sturdy, and does a very good job of storing your bills/banknotes. What I love most about this way of storing banknotes is they lie flat, unfolded, which provides a more effective way to store and gain access to notes without having to fumble about with folded notes or bills buried in a slot. In total, The Kings Loot Traditional wallet can store anywhere between 1 – 15 bills, which again, is great considering its smaller size. 

RFID Protection is also included with all Kings Loot wallets. For those who don’t know, RFID is a security measure aimed at combating and eliminating the issue of a crime known as ‘card skimming’. This crime is on the rise, especially in countries where contactless payments are on the rise and prevent criminals from activating this contactless technology and stealing your money. It’s nice to have and provides peace of mind that you won’t be subject to this crime when simply going about your day. 


LifeTime Replacements

The most impressive aspect of the Kings Loot Traditional wallet is the fact that every wallet in their range comes with, with Kings Loot dubs, their Lifetime Replacements policy. As the name suggests, Kings Loot has gone to great effort to make sure that every person who purchases one of their wallets have a seamless and amazing experience and regardless of potential damage, natural wear & tear, or complete accidents entirely your fault (perhaps your dog ate it), Kings Loot will replace your wallet free of charge no questions asked. 

Personally speaking, having reviewed hundreds of various wallets over the years, this is by far the best Warranty/Replacements Policy we’ve ever come across. The only thing the Lifetime Replacements doesn’t cover is in the unfortunate circumstance your wallet is lost or stolen. This is simply due to the fact Kings Loot Wallet requires you to send your wallet back to them before they replace it free of charge. That being said, Kings Loot offers an additional service called ‘Kings Care’ which does include replacements of any Kings Loot Wallet. 

The term ‘last wallet you’ll ever own’ is often thrown around quite a lot by the wallet industry, but it’s never usually the case. That being said, Kings Loot has hit the nail on the head with its replacement policy and is a clear frontrunner for peace of mind when it comes to any damage your wallet might sustain. 


Final Verdict

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with what the Kings Loot Traditional Wallet had to offer. It is what I’d consider a fantastic all-rounder wallet with so many functional features ranging from RFID Security, quick access slots, and a design aimed at maximizing ease of use and comfort. The Kings Loot Traditional Wallet comes in at a price tag of $97.00 and is currently reduced to $74.00. Considering everything we’ve talked about I was more than happy that the wallet was priced accordingly and is more than value for money for what you get. 

For me, the main selling point and why you should consider The Kings Loot Traditional wallet comes down to its free replacement policy. It’s really hard to find any criticism of this wallet and I think it’s a fantastic pick for anybody searching for a wallet that will very much last you a lifetime. For a limited time, you can also get 10% all King Loots Wallet using the link below. For more information on any of Kings Loot wallet offerings make sure to visit their official website.


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