Kisetsu Kaizen Wallet Review

The Modern-Day Bifold Reinvented

First established on Kickstarter Kisetsu, creator of the Kaizen Wallet, are a premium wallet brand that is best known for their use of Crazy Horse Leather and innovative design. My personal favorite in their range is the Kaizen Wallet a premium style bifold with modern-day features. The Kaizen excels in its attention to detail and slight design accents that set it apart from other wallets of the same style (for example the beautiful wear-proof cut corners). This can be seen in the previously mentioned leather choice of crazy horse leather (read more on this type of leather here). This elegance is made better with a beautiful array of colors including my personal favorites Steel Blue, and Hunter Green. 

In terms of the functionality of the Kaizen Wallet, I really can’t complain. The wallet does a very good job of providing fantastic card storage (fits between 6 – 9 cards) along with a dedicated banknote slot at the top. But enough about the basic features of this wallet. Where the Kaizen really shines is in its innovation. The Kaizen wallet actually comes with a mini ‘travel’ pen that fits in the fold section of the wallet. This tiny pen is not intrusive and is really handy for people who love to write while on the go. Along with that, the Kaizen has dedicated slots for both a SIM & SD card. This seems a bit weird (why would you need to carry these things?) but actually makes a lot of sense in certain industries like photography. 

TL;DR: Overall, I love the Kaizen Wallet. It is truly an innovative wallet and combines the best of materials (premium leather) and innovative features like coin, key, and pen storage. At a price of $95.90 (currently reduced to $71.90), I think this wallet is an absolute steal and best suited for people who want to retain a classic bi-fold look but with a modern-day interior.

  • Functionality 87% 87%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 70% 70%



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