The Kisetsu Aki Leather Wallet Review

On the surface, the Kisetsu Aki wallet is deceptive looking like a simple leather bi-fold. The key difference is the range of features in this already tiny bifold has to offer with a range of things not typically seen in most bifold on the market today. 

Kisetsu are a brand that I happened to stumble across when searching for a leather wallet for my top innovative wallet reviews. I found it hard because most innovative wallets use a variety of different materials and leather seems to be cast aside. Originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter the Aki Wallet is built on the fundamental principle of beauty, form, and function.  Let’s take a look at what this cool wallet has to offer.

We believe that life is too short to be wasted on the unnecessary. We Believe in having time to appreciate the small things. We believe in simplicity.’ – Kisetsu

Look & Design

 Leather quality is very strong. Being full-grain leather I must say it smelt amazing straight out of the box and is thick in appearance and feel. Leather quality is generally overlooked and people make the mistake of thinking genuine leather is good quality. I’m actual fact, genuine leather is one of the worst cuts of leather. It was actually a clever marketing ploy for leather manufacturers to save money in convincing customers that this type of leather is good. 

The wallet comes in at a size of 3.89″ x 3.77″ (9.88cm x 9.58cm).This isn’t exactly the smallest – or minimalist – wallet on the market but it is a nice hybrid or in-between size for people looking for a compact design with more features. The wallet also comes in a range of colors including brown, black, distressed leather and a dark wine red color.  Each distinct color has been carefully chosen to showcase a more premium disposition in the Kisetsu range. 

Functionality & Utility 

 Where the wallet really shines is in its range of unique features. I don’t often come across wallets that have features that are not normally found on a wallet which resembles a traditional bi-fold with no difference on the outside of the wallet. 

The wallet comes with a small micro pen that sits in the seam of the wallet. The pen is only 10cm tall which makes it perfect for keeping notes on the move. The included pen is something that won’t appeal to many people. I personally don’t take notes on the move or have no need to carry a pen on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I can see this being used by people who like to carry a notebook and need a handy way to write on it while on the move. A really nice and unique addition.

The Kisetsu also has RFID protection. In a world where cybercrime is on the rise having this form of contactless protection means you can be confident that you won’t be stolen from. I don’t come from a country where this type of crime is rife, nevertheless, if you know or have been a victim of this crime then having the peace of mind is great. 

The Unique anti-spill compartment for coins/keys is a nice and innovative feature I now come across before in many wallets. It works with a metal clasp mechanism which automatically opens when you push on either side. It works really effectively and one of the more innovative ways to store coins in a wallet without the need for a zipper (which can add unnecessary bulk to a wallet).

Final Verdict

The Kisetsu wallet is innovative and high quality in its use of design and leather. I love the way the wallet looks simple on the surface but is packed full of innovative and cool features. Coming in at a price tag of $50.00 the wallet is fairly priced and a joy to use. For more information on this wallet check out the Kitseu website by clicking the link below. 


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