Hitch & Timber Snap Wallet Review

A Premium Handmade Leather Wallet

Hitch & Timber is a small wallet brand that creates and develops a range of handcrafted leather wallets. My absolute favorite in their range is the Minimal Snap wallet, a distinctive looking minimalist wallet made from premium vegetable-tanned leather that’s thick in quality and smells gorgeous. 

Its actual design is like no other wallet I’ve reviewed before. It acts more like a pouch, similar to a coin pouch, with a brass button to keep the wallet secure when not in use. The sheer range of unusual color options available further adds to its premium nature/design including the likes of blue and green (along with the standard brown/black). On the front of the wallet is an intricately pressed pattern of the Hitch & Timber logo (a snake holding a pocket knife) that again gives the wallet a very distinct and premium look to it. 

The Hitch & Timber Wallets functionality is also fantastic especially considering its smaller size (coming in at 4″ Tall x 2 7/8″ Across). With an initial credit/debit card capacity of 6-8 cards this firm premium leather will begin to ‘break-in’ (similar to a good pair of boots) and overtime this capacity should increase along with a patina developing on the surface. Banknotes are stored in a dedicated slot on the back of the wallet which is a nice way to keep your cash and cards separate for a more streamlined and 

At a price tag of $58.00, I think this is very cheap considering its unique and handmade nature. The Hitch and Timber Snap Wallet is sure to late a very long time and could be a fantastic choice for those looking for a more unique leather wallet to add to their collection. For more information on the Minimal Snap Wallet check out the Hitch & Timber website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 85% 85%
  • Price 76% 76%



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