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Herschel Roy Wallet Review

The Affordable fabric Wallet

Herschel is a wallet fashion brand I’ve been quite familiar with in the past having reviewed a wide selection of their wallets in the past (this article here). Generally speaking, the brand develops a wide range of fashion goods with wallets being just a small selection of their offering. One of the flagship wallets in their range, the Herschel Roy Wallet, is a modern, stylish and affordable take on the classic bi-fold style of wallet. 

What makes the Roy Wallet different is the choice of material its made from. Unlike most bi-fold wallets, that are made from leather, the Roy Wallet is made from a woven fabric that gives a texture similar to jeans. This material is pleasant to the touch and highly durable, but also provides an infinite amount of variations in terms of color and design. For example, at last count, there were over 25 different designs available from unique colors (red, yellow, green) and unique designs (flowers, camo, text). These designs are all unique and best for people who want to match their unique fashion style with their accessories as well. 

In terms of the Roy’s wallets actual functionality, it plays very much like any standard bi-fold you can find on the market. Once open, the wallet has 8 individual card slots for a total of around 6 – 14 cards. This great capacity makes the Roy Wallet great for those who carry more than most and wouldn’t suit many minimalists. At the very top, the Roy Wallet has a full-width card slot that can fit many banknotes from a range of different countries (US, GDP, EURO). 

TL;DR: A simple wallet that is more about style and design over substance. The wallet is fine for storage but lacks any unique or innovative ways to access your cash or cards in an effective way compared to other bi-folds on the market. That being said, at only $25.00 the wallet is a fantastic price tag for what you get. For more information on the Herschel Roy Wallet click the link below. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 80% 80%
  • Price 75% 75%



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