How Good are Herschel Wallets? [Buyers Guide]

Herschel is known to be a huge retailer of men’s and women’s fashion across the world. While being a supplier of nearly everything one accessory they do, that can be overlooked, is their range of men’s wallets. As someone who prefers to focus on smaller independent wallet brands, I thought it was time to try out some of the big guys. Those brands supply wallets among other clothing/apparel goods as well. Herschel offers a broad range of uniquely styled wallets. In this article, I’m going to go through a few of my favorite wallets offered by Herschel and give my honest opinion on each.

Herschel was founded in 2008 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town where three generations of their family grew up. Based in Vancouver, Canada Herschel Supply Co. is a design-driven global accessories brand that produces quality products with a fine regard for detail.

Herschel has a passion for the ‘everyday traveler’ Herchel set out on a mission to provide beautiful apparel with an emphasis on design and usability. After browsing through a bunch of different clothing products Herschel offers I was shocked by the sheer range, and creativity, that they place in every product they design and make. Their range of wallets is no different and provides a variety of different types of wallets ranging from slim, zip, travel, and many more.


The Roy Wallet

One of my favorite wallets, for example, is the Roy Wallet. This wallet with its distinct appearance is made from striped fabric material with a leather lining. It’s nothing special in terms of its functionality (it basically mirrors a typical bifold) but for its £35.00 price tag, it is a strong, attractive, and comfortable wallet. You’ll find a common theme among the range at Herschel. The crosshatched rustic fabric material used in a variety of their wallets is very durable and adds a level of comfort to the wallet. 

The Roy Wallet is perfect for people looking for that classic bi-fold design but still want a wallet that looks modern with a unique use of canvas material and a huge range of modern designs to match your individual style. For more information on the Roy Wallet check out their official website by clicking the link below.


The Jack Wallet

The Jack Wallet is another interesting take on a zip wallet. With an exposed metal zipper with a riveted leather pull tab for easy opening, the Jack wallet is great for people who want that bit of extra security and safety with no items being stored on the outside of the wallet. The wallet has a great capacity for cash and cards with the option to all store other items inside the wallet including headphones, coins, or keys. The Jack wallet also has a signature striped fabric liner that provides great RFID security for prevention against contactless fraud. 

Overall, the Jack wallet is a nice allrounder wallet with a decently small size but with a great capacity and security features. Like all the Herschel wallets you get the choice between a huge range of colors and designs, unlike any other brand I’ve come across. The Jack is also a fair price coming in at $40.00. For more information on the Jack Wallet check out the Herschel website below.


The Oscar Wallet

The Oscar Wallet is really where Herschel has started innovating. The Oscar is a combination of the previously discussed Jack and Charlie wallet combining the slim flat design of the Jack with the Zipper of the Charlie. What you end up with is an ultra-minimalist wallet with the capacity to store coins and a range of other small items. Cards can be either stored on the inside or within the slots of the outside of the wallet. Cash is also folded and stored within the main zipper compartment. 

If you’re the type of person who carries a lot of coins with them but also wants to maintain a smaller sized wallet then perhaps the Oscar wallet is for you? The Oscar is also slightly cheaper than the other two coming in at just $32.00. For more information on the Oscar wallet by Herschel check out the product page using the link below.


The Raven Wallet

The cheapest wallet in Herschel wallet collection (coming in at just $18.00) the Raven wallet is a simple flat design slim wallet with a variety of card slots cover each side and a top-down slot for storing folded banknotes. The wallet is probably a little basic for my liking but like all Herschel wallets the design is nice, the quality is strong and the range of colors and designs are plentiful.

I’d probably recommend the Raven wallet to someone who isn’t sure whether a minimalist wallet is right for them and want to try one out at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. For more information on the Raven Wallet check out the listing using the link below.


The Smith Wallet

The Smith wallet is probably the most quirky wallet made by Herchel. It closely resembles the old classic Velcro wallets you probably had as a kid and shares many of the same features and functions including a velcro strap and being made from canvas material. Its other features include an external coin pocket, attachment ring, and of course RFID security which comes standard with all Herschel wallets.

The wallet was actually designed with details and brand elements from the iconic skateboard truck manufacturer. If you’re familiar with this then you might know what I mean (although I was not). Finally, you can get this multi-functional, great quality wallet for the low price of £25.00 which I think is quite the bargain. For more information on the Smith Wallet check out the link below.


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