The Dura Wallet Review

An Ultra-Thin Paper Wallet 

The Dura Wallet gained most of its popularity from TV adverting and was famously carried by Actor Luke Perry as seen in an interview with himself. The Dura Wallet itself is a bi-fold style made from a strong paper-like material known as Tyvek (high-density polyethylene fibers). Because of this paper-like material, the Dura Wallet is known for its incredible thinness and lightness providing a wallet that combines strength with and minimalism. 

The material itself can split opinion. It has a very unusual feel to it that can only be described as a smooth slippery texture. Not to my personal liking. Over time and with prolonged use the wallet can also become quite worn down becoming my like how you’d imagine a scrunched up piece of paper with more wrinkles. This isn’t inherently bad but can make the wallet look tacky and low quality.

As a wallet, the Dura is simple but effective in functionality. Designed with 6 credit card pockets, 2 side pockets, and a pocket for bills, the Dura Wallet keeps everything safe and neatly organized in an easy to access manner. The wallet also comes with RFID Functionality, for added protection against contactless fraud, thanks to a frequency-blocking metal alloy bonded to the internal of the wallet. 

I used the Dura Wallet for a total of 4 weeks and found the wallet to be satisfactory in all aspects. The material is strong but not to my liking based on its look, feel, and appearance while the functionality is okay at best based on its capacity and ease of use. At only $16.99, for two Dura Wallets, its probably one of the cheapest wallets we’ve ever reviewed, and for that, I can’t fault the wallet for what it is. For more information on the Dura Wallet check out the Amazon page using the link below. 

  • Functionality 55% 55%
  • Design 67% 67%
  • Price 90% 90%



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