The Grip6 Wallet Review

A Minimalist Pop-Up Wallet

The Grip6 Wallet is a Kickstarter Success Story that first came onto the scene back in early 2019 where it managed to raise almost $500,000 in funds. The Grip6 Wallet itself is a different take on the popular Pop-Up Wallets, also known as ejector wallets. Pop Up Wallets use an internal mechanism, that with a push or squeeze of a button automatically cascades your credit/debit cards out. The idea of a pop-up wallet has given birth to some of the most successful wallet brands in the world including the likes of Ekster & Secrid. Today, we’re going to look into what makes the Grip6 different and whether or not it deserves a place as your next wallet. 

Functionality & Features

The Grip6 is a simple wallet with a good capacity for both cash and cards. Grip6 suggests you can hold up to 14 cards. I personally found it increasingly difficult to store this amount. In my opinion, the 2 leather slots best accommodate 2 cards each (max 4) while the metal pop-up slot can store between 4 – 6 cards depending on whether your cards are embossed or not. For me that mean’s the sweet spot is around 8 cards and I wouldn’t want to cram in any more than that. 

We have to talk about the unusual metal loop that is an innovative addition to this wallet unseen in other similar pop-up wallets. This loop protrudes from the top side of the wallet and acts as both an easy way to grip the wallet (hence its name) in your hand, but also an easy way to trigger the pop-up feature. Personally speaking, I liked the loop on the Grip6, but I can see why people wouldn’t. The Loop sticks out from the standard body making the Grip6 an odd shape that’s larger at the top than the bottom. This can make the wallet slightly bulky or noticeable in the pocket that isn’t to everyone’s liking. 

Finally, the Grip6 also comes with RFID Blocking Capabilities as standard. This means that your contactless cards won’t be subject to theft where criminals can automatically swipe and steal your money (a rare but increasingly common crime). 

Look & Design

The Grip6 is a wallet made from 2 different types of materials. The body and main bulk of the wallet are made from high-quality Brushed Aluminum that’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and impact-tested. Along with this, the Grip 6 is wrapped in a thick layer of Top-grain Leather, that has a distressed and vintage look to it. The leather has cutouts (quick access slots) that allow you to use your thumb to easily slide your cards out. The leather is also available in 3 variations black, brown, or without leather entirely. This is the same with the Aluminum pop-up mechanism also available in a range of custom colors including blue, red, black, and brown.

Compared to other wallets of this type the Grip6 is very small coming in at a size of just 4.0″ x 3” x .25″. This makes the wallet thin enough to easily fit in a front or back pocket, without any bulk, with ease of use and access. Overall, the Grip6 is well made and has a great high-quality feel in the hand. This is down to the fact Grip6 themselves handmake every wallet and pride themselves on being American-made to the highest possible standards. 

Final Verdict 

With a price starting at $49.99 (for the none-leather version) and ranging up to $69.00 the Grip6 Wallet is an all-around fair price tag and allows for people of all budgets to consider it. The wallet is easy to use, well built, and American-Made that has a unique style and wonderful durability. Grip6 also includes an unconditional, unlimited lifetime warranty that protects you against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear – what’s not to love? For more information on the Grip6 range of wallets check them out on Amazon below. 

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 85% 85%
  • Price 72% 72%



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