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Form Function Form Stepside Wallet Review

The Good
  • Great size and design. The wallet has great functionality for a wallet of this size with capacity and functionality.
  • Made from top premium leather that’s soft and supple. 
  • Handmade in Flordia with great quality and craftsmanship.
The Bad
  • Leather is a little thin. Unsure whether or not this waller can, or will, last over a prolonged period of time.
  • Cash needs to be folded to store correctly. 
  • Price is probably a little expensive for many people. 

The Form Function Form Stepside wallet (quite a mouthful) is a unique take on a leather minimalist wallet. The Form Function Form brand is an independent leather manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida, and works with a skilled team of leather craftsmen. The guys at Form Function Form have built their brand are some great underlying ideologies and put this to the test in everything they do. 

They not only create pieces that are highly functional but put much of their emphasis on the wallets look (grace) and longevity. Innovation is also part of this and finding and bringing the old and new together is something of a specialty for Form Function Form and the Stepside Wallet. They go through a rigorous testing and design phase before any product is ready to be handmade in their small Florida studio.

Look & Design

One thing I really like about the Stepside wallet is its unique look and minimalist size (89mm x 71mm). It’s got an unusual design with a sort of layered approach with leather overlapped itself multiple times to create natural pockets for cash and cards to fit in. 

The Stepside is also made from some fantastic quality leather. This Full-grain mustang horse front leather is incredibly soft to the touch but also much more flexible than many full-grain types of leather I’ve come across. This additionality flexibility actually helps a lot with how easy cards and cash can be accessed from the wallet and the feasibility of using the wallet. Although, with that being said, I’m unsure at the moment if this will hinder the wallets’ durability overtime. In my mind, a thinner leather always tends to degrade more as it’s used more.

Another great thing about Form Function Form is the range of distinct personalization options they provide on all their wallets. The Stepside, for example, comes in a choice of 8 color variations to choose from including typical colors like brown and black, but also more unique options like orange and blue. 

Finally, the Stepside Wallet can be personalized to your liking with an optional free engraving. This can take the forms of 3 characters used generally for your initials. Form Function Form also gives you the option to change the font or typeface of the engraved text along with the layout in how this text is presented. 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet describes itself as a ‘clipless money clip’ as the wallet uses the tightly bound leather to keep your cash secure within the body of the wallet without the aid of actual metal, or physical clip. This is a really great innovation as money clips themselves can often be bulky and increase the weight of the wallet. 

The wallet is shaped into 4 distinct slots with a center slot (the money slot) directly in the middle. This includes four credit card slots (two in the front slot, two behind) in a horizontal format wallet with a central cash slot that securely holds US dollars (or similarly sized world currencies) folded in half. This gives the wallet a capacity of around 4-12 cards plus a good amount of physical cash.

Overall, the wallet performs very well in daily use. I found the cards were easy to access when in daily use and everything felt secured and safe within the wallet. The wallet is very pleasant to use and is a fantastic size while still having ample functionality to store everything I need. 

Price Tag

At first, you might think a price tag of $64.00 is a little steep for a wallet like this. But I disagree. I think the Stepside wallet by Form Function Form is a fantastic innovative take on a minimalist wallet of this size and combines a range of interesting features to give an overall above satisfactory wallet. Being handmade from a quality leather also adds to this and I can guarantee that this wallet will last over prolonged use. 

Final Verdict

I really enjoyed my time using the Form Function Form Stepside wallet. It was a unique take on a minimalist wallet and I love it’s interesting look and distinctive materials used. It doesn’t surpass or perform any worse or better than many other leather wallets and it really comes down to whether or not this brand, and what they stand for, are right for you. For more information on the Form Function Form Stepside wallet check out their official website and store by clicking the link below.


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